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Fitness Instructor Insurance Explained

The job of a fitness instructor is very fulfilling and at the same time, it requires lots of devotion. Your main goal is to motivate your clients to perform better. And in doing so you are exposing yourself to intense physical activities which might lead to injuries and accidents. This is why you should take out a fitness instructor insurance to protect you when unexpected things can happen.

Even how careful you are in performing your activities, things can still go wrong. You or your client can get injured or your equipment could get stolen or damaged whether you are working in a gym or in a sports center.

Having a fitness instructor insurance can protect you in the event that unfortunate things can happen. This can ensure that you can continue inspiring your clients so they can reach their goals. You can even tailor-made your fitness instructor insurance so it can fit your needs.

Where can I get Fitness Instructor Insurance?

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Finding the Best Fitness Instructor Insurance

What type of insurance covers do fitness instructors require?

As a fitness instructor, you have several cover options including the following:

Public Liability Insurance

While you are instructing your clients, accidents such as injuries or damage to property might happen even how prepared you are. For instance, you are trying to demonstrate how to perform a particular exercise, then suddenly one of your clients gets injured while trying to do it. This can be a very expensive compensation claim in case the injuries will be blamed on you.

What if while you are training with your client, you or your client unintentionally damaged a piece of equipment which is owned by the gym. If you are held liable for the damage, then you could be facing a costly legal action. This is why it is essential that fitness instructors must have Public Liability insurance. This can cover you in case a claim is filed against you by someone who gets injured or their property was damaged while being in your premises.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

As a fitness instructor, you must be able to provide a bit of clear and accurate advice to your clients. However, even how skilled and experienced you are, there are times that you provide the wrong advice. As a result, this can lead to unexpected accidents. That is why it is essential that you must get professional indemnity insurance so you can be protected in case your client will file a claim against you due to an injury blamed on your negligence.

Employers’ Liability insurance

Sometimes the job of a fitness instructor cannot be handled by a single person, especially if the number of clients you have is continually increasing. Hence, you are required to open several sessions every week and you need to employ other fitness instructors that can handle these. But employing other people means that there are more potential risks.

Just like with your clients, if one of your staff gets injured while working in your business, you could be held responsible. You could be facing a huge compensation claim. This is the reason why you are legally required to obtain Employers’ Liability Insurance if you employ other people.

Personal Accident Insurance

If you are a fitness instructor, then you are also at risk of suffering an injury. What if you suffer from broken bones or worse if you had a permanent disablement? When these things happen, it only makes sense that you should protect yourself by having a Personal Accident Cover. Aside from permanent disablement, this policy can also cover accidental death, loss of sight, or loss of limbs which are caused by an accident while you are doing your sessions.

Sports Equipment Insurance

It is a fact that fitness equipment does not come cheap. As a fitness instructor, you’ve been relying on this valuable equipment so you can provide your clients with the best service. In the event that your equipment was lost, stolen, or damaged, then you will have to use your own money in replacing or repairing them if you do not have any sports equipment insurance.

Even how careful you are in taking care of your equipment, sometimes unexpected things can happen. For instance, when one of your new clients who are inexperienced was using the equipment for the first time, then there is a possibility that it could get damaged. What if you left your equipment in the car? It is possible that a burglar might break in and steal your equipment or worse if your car might get stolen from you. In order to protect yourself against these incidents, you should get a sports equipment insurance so your equipment can be covered in case it gets stolen, lost, or damaged.

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