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DJ Insurance Explained

If you have a small business, then it is essential that you have to protect your tools and equipment. Just like if you are a DJ, you can’t work if your music collection was stolen, lost, or damaged. However, if you have the right cover, then you can buy new equipment to replace damaged or stolen ones. That is why it is very important that you must have DJ insurance that can protect you when unforeseen things can happen.

What is covered by a DJ Insurance?

Insurance can help in protecting you and your business from financial loss in case some things can go wrong. DJ insurance is composed of different insurance products particularly designed to meet your needs. You can decide which type of policy you want to buy, however, the most important policies for DJs are Vehicle Insurance, Public Liability Insurance, and Business Equipment Cover.

Where can I get DJ Insurance?

We recommend using Simply Business they are rated 4.7/5 on Feefo and have over 800,000 insurance policies in the UK. They compare many different providers so you can find the insurance cover that is right for your DJ business.

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Why you need Vehicle insurance?

It is very important that you should safeguard your vehicle regardless if you are traveling to local venues or at a distance. Even if you are only working as a DJ sporadically, your standard insurance for your vehicle won’t be enough in case you met an accident while going to your gig. It is necessary that you must specify that you are using your car or van for your business so you can be covered by your insurance.

Finding the Best DJ Insurance

What can be covered by business equipment insurance?

Business Equipment Cover can protect your necessary equipment so you can continue with your job. You’ve invested a lot of money for your DJ kit. This policy can cover the repair costs or replacement of your disc jockey equipment in case it was lost, stolen, or damaged.

It is important that your insurance must protect your equipment while you are working and while it is being kept in storage. You must inform your insurance broker if you are only playing in the UK so he can give you the best value price. However, if you also have gigs abroad, then be sure to specify this so you can be covered wherever you are working.

Also, make sure that your equipment is covered while you are traveling. If it is not, then you’ll be shocked when something bad happens and you can’t make a claim. If you are playing abroad, then be sure to obtain an insurance cover on the plane. Your DJ equipment might be marked as fragile, however, there is no assurance that they will take good care of it. With the right insurance, you can immediately replace your equipment and go on with your work.

When you are traveling abroad, be sure to purchase high-quality cases for storing your equipment so you can guarantee that they are well protected. Be sure that your insurance can provide coverage wherever you go.

What can be covered by public liability insurance?

It is quite obvious that equipment and vehicle insurance are needed for your business. However, you should also consider that your DJ insurance should also include a public liability cover. This policy is a must especially for large venues since there’s always a possibility that injuries can happen. Aside from public places and large venues, public liability insurance is also necessary for anyone who constantly gets in contact with the public while working. That is why it would be a wise decision for DJs to get public liability insurance. The Public Liability Insurance can protect you against any claims made by a member of the public who were injured or whose properties were damaged because of your business.

One of the most important reasons why DJs should get public liability insurance is because they can’t get any work if they don’t have it. Most venues will demand that you should have it before they will book you as a DJ. Venues have their own public liability insurance, but when accidents happen and it was the fault of the DJ, then it should be covered by the DJ’s insurance rather than their own.

It is essential that you should get insurance not just for yourself but also for your equipment as well as for your audience. Some DJs won’t be hired if they are not properly insured. Hence, it is always important that you should get the right cover. There are different types of covers that you can choose from. Select the ones which are more important to you so you can build your own DJ insurance policy that works for you.

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