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During the early days, we only have a few choices when it comes to watching television. We have to sit for several hours watching advertisements. But now, not anymore!  Today, you can choose the shows that you want to watch. By paying a monthly fee, you’ll get to watch thousands of shows and most of all, there are no advertisements. This means you don’t have to wait anymore.

New methods are also being used today. Now, you don’t need an antenna in order to watch television shows. They are now streamed over the internet. Also, you can choose to watch whatever you want whenever you want to.

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Comparing Cable TV From Satellite TV

Why do most people are now switching from cable TV to satellite TV? Most of us have been using cable TV for years. But lately, we have discovered the comfort of streaming video on demand. So, what really is the difference between these two? First of all, cable TV is quite simpler for consumers since they are not bind with a long-term contract. Most of all, you don’t have to worry about storms since it can’t be affected by any bad weather. When you subscribe to cable TV, you will be given a box and a remote. You’ll get to choose any bundle and package option that you want. There are plenty of providers that are offering this service.

On the other hand, Satellite TV is ideal if you only have a low budget since this is much cheaper. The downside is this can be greatly affected by the weather outside. A satellite TV can be availed anywhere even in rural areas because practically all you need is the sky. There are different bundles and package options that you can choose from. Additionally, you’ll get to watch a lot of channels, including the international ones.

Video Streaming

One of the world’s most famous streaming movie service is Netflix. There is no denying that Netflix is the major thing on TV today. In fact, it can be considered as the biggest competitor of cable and satellite TV. However, this is entirely a different kind of product. Netflix is the perfect match for devoted enthusiasts of TV.

What are the benefits of Netflix video streaming? It offers cheap subscription since you don’t need to pay any installation costs. You can watch your favorite shows wherever you are. There is a range of shows that you can watch including genre films, trendy classics, and relevant documentaries. You can follow any Netflix exclusive shows that you like.

Netflix uses the internet connection in streaming movies and TV shows to your home. After paying its monthly subscription, you can directly access it through different devices including your cellphone, tablet, laptop, smart TV, and others. The Netflix app can also be installed on your smart cable box.

This is much cheaper compared to cable or satellite TV. But keep in mind that you can’t watch the latest movies or episodes of your favorite shows on Netflix. On the other hand, Netflix is the best option if you want to catch up on the shows that you’ve missed. Recently, Netflix has begun producing their own exclusive shows and you can only get to watch them through their video streaming service. Before you can start accessing Netflix streaming, you must get your own broadband internet in case you don’t have one yet. Back then, there were only a few TV channels that we can watch. Also, we can only get these channels from TV providers. Nowadays, there is a range of TV packages offered by internet providers. At the same time, TV providers have started to bundle broadband in their TV packages. This is great since customers are now getting the most value for their money.

So, who are the best providers of these TV packages? Today, there are several companies which offer different types of TV packages. However, the top providers are probably Virgin Media, Sky, BT, and TalkTalk.

What TV Package Is Best for You?

Most TV packages that are currently offered now are classified by genres. For instance, there is a particular TV package designed for movie lovers, sports fanatics, as well as for kids. Most often, these TV packages contain TV channels which are related to a particular genre. However, you can also choose any channels you want and turn them into bundles. Consumers are also given the chance to subscribe to individual channels, so they can create their own personalized TV package.

TV and broadband bundles are the best option if you are looking to save some money on your monthly expenses. If an entertainment package and internet access are paid separately, then it can be very expensive. Most TV and broadband providers are now offering affordable TV and broadband bundles.

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