First Aid Trainer Insurance

First Aid Trainer Insurance Explained

As a first aid trainer, you need the right insurance that can cover your business. You can quickly find quotes from the leading insurers online. You can compare premiums and cover so you can get the best deal for your first aid trainer insurance.

Why does a first aid trainer require liability insurance?

Liability insurance can cover you against legal actions due to injuries or damage to property. Sometimes claims are inevitable when you are doing your first aid trainer activities. Defending claims can be costly and it gets even more expensive if you were unsuccessful. Thankfully, first aid trainer liability insurance can protect you and your business against these financial losses. It can pay for the legal expenses as well as the compensation costs that will be awarded to the client.

Where can I get First Aid Trainer Insurance?

We recommend using Simply Business they are rated 4.7/5 on Feefo and have over 800,000 insurance policies in the UK. They compare many different providers so you can find the insurance cover that is right for your first aid business.

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What type of liability insurance does a first aid trainer require?

If a client or a third-party claimed that your business has caused the injury or damage to property, then you can be protected by public liability insurance. For instance, if you or your staff visit your client on their premises and your actions have caused an injury or damage to their property. At the same time, an accident occurs while your client or a third-party come to your office. When these accidents occur, then you could be held liable and they might file a claim against you.

Likewise, products liability insurance can protect you against claims of defective products which are sold or supplied by you.

Employers liability insurance is the cover that can protect your business against claims made by your employees in the event that they sustained injuries or illness while working in your company. It is worth noting that you might want to consider having professional indemnity insurance. This can cover your business in case you have given the wrong advice.

Finding the Best First Aid Trainer Insurance

How much does a first aid trainer liability insurance cost?

The cost of a first aid trainer liability insurance will greatly depend on several factors. For instance, your premium payment can be affected if you are working in a hazardous area. The cost will also rely on the number of people that are part of your business as well as if you have previous claims.

How much is the policy limit for your liability insurance?

The policy limit of your insurance is actually the maximum amount that the insurance provider will pay for a single claim or it can also be the maximum amount that they will pay for the entire year. You will be the one who will set this limit since you are the one who knows how much you require. Typically, the policy limits can range from £1M and £2M to £5M and £10M. Although, as first aid trainers, you can also choose other limits.

Why does a first aid trainer require professional indemnity insurance?

As a first aid trainer, you are responsible for making sure that your trainees are knowledgeable in dealing with emergency cases. This means that you can be held liable in case you have provided them with inaccurate information and training. However, if you have professional indemnity insurance, then it can protect you against claims made against you by paying damages and legal costs in defending a claim.

Professional indemnity insurance can protect you in case your client will file a claim against you alleging that you have breached your professional duty. What can be covered by first aid trainer professional indemnity insurance? This policy can cover the legal expenses whether or not you are found liable for the claim. It can also pay for the compensation costs in case you were not successful in the litigation.

It is worth noting that professional indemnity insurance for a first aid trainer works on a per claim basis only. This means that contrary to other types of insurance, this policy can only cover claims made within the policy year. In order to prevent consequences, you should not let your policy lapse. Keep in mind that it will not cover claims that are filed after the policy has expired.

What are the additional covers that you can include in your policy?

These days, first aid trainers are given the chance to include other covers in their policy. For instance, they can include business equipment insurance, legal expenses insurance, tools insurance, personal accident insurance and more. These policies are also known as tradesman insurance.

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