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Dance Teacher Insurance Explained

Whether you are a dance teacher working on your own or you are employing other dance teachers, it is very risky if you are not covered with the right dance teacher insurance. Some dance teachers give lessons on their own dance studio while others visit their client’s premises.

Why do you need a dance teacher insurance?

Dancing can be very beneficial to your health. However, teaching dance lessons is very risky. The risk that you will be facing will depend on the type of dance that you are teaching. For instance, you may require your students to perform very difficult dance moves like placing somebody above your student’s head.

However, regardless of how meticulous and careful you are in training your students, sometimes there are incidents that are beyond your control. As a result, your students might file a claim against you due to the injury that they suffer while training in your dance studio. Or perhaps your equipment got lost, stolen, or damaged. You also can’t avoid hurting yourself and be out of work for an uncertain period of time. This is the reason why you must take out dance teacher insurance in order to protect you and your business when unexpected circumstances can happen.

Where can I get Dance Teacher Insurance?

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Finding the Best Dance Teacher Insurance

What type of dance teacher insurance do you need?

Whether you are teaching dance lessons on a part-time basis or professionally, choosing the right insurance can be very confusing. There are several types of cover that are available and choosing the right one can be tricky.

Public Liability Insurance

This can protect your business against any claims of injury or damage to property. Why is it essential to have public liability insurance? Whether you are renting a space or conducting dance classes in your own premises, you can still be held responsible for the injuries of your students, as well as the people who are accompanying them, in case they occurred during your classes.

There are many reasons why these things happened. For instance, they might slip on a wet floor, or they tripped over on mats or on a piece of equipment on the floor. Yet, no matter how these injuries are sustained, there is still a possibility that these people will file compensation claims against you.

These claims can be very costly. If the injury is serious, then the claim could reach to thousands of pounds. Additionally, you also have to pay for the legal fees. If you don’t have public liability insurance, then even a minor claim could potentially lead to financial loss. Public liability insurance can cover compensation claims as well as legal fees in the event that your student or a member of the public will sue you for an injury or damage to their property.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

This can cover you in case someone filed a claim for negligence due to the wrong advice or lesson that you give. Why is it essential for dance teachers to have professional indemnity insurance? While some people take dance lessons for fun or exercise, there are also some who aspire to become professional dancers someday. As a dance teacher, you always hope that your students will become successful someday. But sometimes those who do not blame their teachers for their failures and worse they even file a claim against their mentors. If you are a dance teacher and one of your students blame you for insufficient service, then this can be covered by professional indemnity insurance.

Another scenario would be if you made mistakes in explaining a particular dance move which resulted in an injury. When this happens, most probably the student will file a claim against you in order to recover their losses due to the injury.

This can be a very expensive claim, that is why having professional indemnity insurance is a must for dance teachers. This can cover the legal fees and compensation costs that will be awarded to your client if it is proven that you are at fault.

Employer’s Liability Insurance

Having this policy can protect your business in case one of your employees got injured or ill while working for you. Why is an employer’s liability insurance necessary? If you are working on your own and you do not have any staff, then you don’t require employer’s liability insurance. However, if you employ other people even a single person, you are required by law to take out this cover. If you don’t, then you will have to pay a fine of up to £2,500 for each day that you are not covered.

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