Scaffolding Public Liability Insurance

Scaffolding Public Liability Insurance Explained

It is essential to keep your scaffolding safe all the time. However, no matter how much you’ve tried, there is still a possibility that something can go wrong. That is why it is very important to get an insurance that can cover you and your business. There are different types of insurance for a scaffolding business. One of the most important covers that you should take is a public liability.

As a scaffolding business owner or a scaffolder, one of your greatest fears would be if you cause serious injury to someone or damage to their property. What if your scaffolding fails and resulted in a serious injury or even death? This could be the worst nightmare for any scaffolding business owners or scaffolders. Aside from affecting you emotionally, there will also be financial consequences in case you or your business is found to be liable for the incident. This is the reason why scaffolding public liability insurance is important for your business.

With a scaffolding public liability insurance policy, you don’t have to worry about the costs of the claim in case someone will file a claim against you or your business due to your negligence which leads to an injury or property damage.

Even if the court will decide that you are not at fault, there are still legal expenses incurred, however, this can be covered by your insurance. Scaffolding is a higher risk job, in fact, it is even more dangerous than the job of a carpenter, hence, it will require a higher cost.

Moreover, some insurers are implementing a limit on the height which could be between 10m and 15m when working on the outdoors. Hence, when you are requesting a quote, it is essential to let the insurer know about the height that you will be working on.

Where can I get Scaffolding Insurance?

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What is scaffolding public liability insurance?

Having a scaffolding public liability insurance policy can protect you against any claims related to injuries or damages which was sustained by a member of the public. It will cover the legal fees as well as the compensation cost whether or not you are responsible for the incident.

Finding the Best Scaffolding Public Liability Insurance

Why do you need a scaffolding public liability insurance?

As a scaffolding contractor, there is a possibility that you will be facing the risk of legal action. If you do not have the right insurance in place, then you will be liable for paying the cost of damages and medical expenses in case accidents may arise due to your business activities.

In case the claim is a success, then you’ll be paying an enormous amount for the compensation. However, even the legal costs of defending a false claim can already result to financial adversity.

What does limit of indemnity means?

When it comes to scaffolding public liability insurance, your limit of indemnity will be the maximum amount which your insurance company can cover with regards to each claim covered by your policy. Typically, the limit of indemnity for scaffolding public liability insurance is £1M, £2m, and £5M. The amount for the limit of indemnity will be decided by the scaffolding contractors since they know the appropriate level of their business. It will also depend on your type of activities as well as the potential risks that you might be facing.

How much should you pay for the scaffolding public liability insurance?

The price that you’ll have to pay for your scaffolding public liability insurance will depend on your specific requirements as well as the limit of your indemnity and the number of people who are working in your business. It will also depend on whether there are previous claims made against you.

Some insurers can cover the special features in your business or if you have additional occupations that you want to be included in the cover. Take note this can affect the amount that you are going to pay for your insurance.

How does a scaffolding public liability insurance works?

This type of insurance is actually on a claim occurring basis. Whenever incidents will arise, this policy can cover the claims.

Is there a policy excess on your scaffolding public liability insurance?

If the claim is related to personal injury, then there won’t be any policy excess. However, if the claims are associated with property damage on a member of the public, then most likely it will be subject to an excess.

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