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Handyman Insurance Explained

If you are a handyman, then you must take out handyman insurance so you can protect yourself and your business when incidents can happen and might result in financial loss. The good news is this type of insurance is very affordable. Although, its cost will differ depending on several factors. Also, you need to keep in mind that cutting corners might save you a lot of money. However, in the long run, you might realize that this is a bad decision since you are not completely covered in case you want to make an insurance claim.

Where can I get Handyman Insurance?

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What are the things that can affect the price of your handyman insurance policy?

Typically, there are two important things that can affect the price of your insurance. These are the cover that you want on your policy and your previous history.

Your previous history is very important since this will help the insurance company determine how often are they going to pay you for your insurance claim. If you are well trained and you have a lot of experience, then there are lesser possibilities that something might go wrong. Likewise, a person who is qualified to do the job would less likely do some things that can result in an insurance claim.

There will be an increase on your premium if you’ve made insurance claims previously. However, if you’ve only made a single claim, then your insurance company would likely ignore it due to the fact the accidents can happen even how hard you’ve tried to be careful and cautious in your job. On the other hand, if you have made several claims in the past, then most likely you will make another insurance claim in the future. That is why the insurance company will increase your premium.

Another factor that can affect your insurance premium is the things that you need include in your policy.

Obviously, if you will purchase more insurance, then it can relatively be expensive. But this is also advantageous since you’ll have more chances of making insurance claims. On the contrary, if you decide to purchase public liability insurance only, then it will be much cheaper. But the downside is you won’t be able to protect your tools or get a cover to protect your income in the event that you’ll get injured or ill.

Likewise, if you have a higher turnover or have a higher value on your property, then most likely your premium will also increase. This is because it is more likely that you’ll be making an insurance claim and the cost of your claim can be tremendous.

Finding the Best Handyman Insurance

Why should you get handyman insurance?

Just like any other professions, the job of a handyman is not typical. The projects and responsibilities that they handle can vary from day-to-day. This means that they are exposing themselves to greater risks on a regular basis. A handyman can do a lot of jobs such as painting a wall in your house, repairing the faucet on your kitchen or changing the lock on your door. Whatever jobs you do, it is important that you must be covered.

Look for insurance policies that are tailor-made to cover the risks that you’ll be facing while working on your client’s residence. Make sure that your client can process your claims quickly and fairly. In this way, there will be lesser interruptions in your operations.

Handyman Public Liability Insurance

As a handyman, most of your time will be spent on private properties. This is an important part of your profession. But what will happen if accidents occur and it caused an injury to a member of the public or damage to their property? This is the reason why you need public liability insurance so the cost of claims can be covered.

Public liability insurance can cover damage to property or injury to a member of the public in the event that it happened while you are working on your job. It can also pay for any compensation when someone files a claim for financial loss as a result of your work.

Handyman Employers Liability Insurance

If you have employees working for you, then it is mandatory that you must take out an employers’ liability cover. This can cover the legal costs as well as the compensation costs in case your employee will file a claim due to the injuries or illness that they obtained while working on your business. This can cover temporary or permanent employees as well as apprentices and volunteers.

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