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Roofing Insurance Explained

Aside from installing your roof, roofers can also handle other jobs such as sealing leaks, fixing loose shingles and others. You need both knowledge and skill so you can call yourself a roofer. But aside from your skill as a roofer, you are also managing your business. Having general liability insurance can help you focus more on your work since you are confident that you have a solid coverage which can protect you anytime.

Roofing business is quite risky. If you don’t have the right insurance, then you could be paying a large amount of money if something goes wrong and you can’t work for a certain period of time due to the accident. When you are working at height then you are at greater risks. Hence, you require the right insurance that can protect you against unforeseen events.

Where can I get Roofing Insurance?

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Why your company needs roofing insurance?

Having quality roofing insurance is necessary for roofers or for those who have a roofing business. These roofers will be working at height and at the same time, they will be carrying their tools and equipment with them. If you don’t have the right cover, then you could be held liable for the injuries and damages that might occur unexpectedly. Hence, having roofing insurance for your business is essential for the future of your company.

Roofing insurance can help in protecting your company against several unexpected events that could lead to claims. Due to the huge amount of money that you will be paying for the legal costs and compensation, your company might be facing financial loss.

Roofing insurance is a must if you want to be safe all the time. Whether you are installing shingles, or the entire new roof, having liability insurance can help in making your business more productive and safer.

It is a fact that replacing and repairing roofs can be very dangerous. Most clients are aware of this, that is why they usually require liability insurance before they allow any roofing business to bid on their job. This is because they can foresee that accidents could happen anytime. For instance, these roofers could trip over their toolbox. Hence, getting liability insurance can give your client some peace of mind. With the right roofing insurance, you can work more and worry less. It gives you more time to focus on your business and getting the work done.

Finding the Best Roofing Insurance

What roofing insurance do you need?

Basically, you will need liability insurance in order to protect your company as well as your clients. Additionally, you can tailor-make this depending on your requirements.

Public liability insurance is an essential cover for any roofing business since it can protect you when accidents happen. For instance, what if you unintentionally dropped a piece of roof tile and it landed on a car which resulted in huge damage. It can also cover injuries to any member of the public. For instance, a passerby might trip over on your equipment.

Employers’ liability insurance is also another essential cover that can help in protecting your employees while they are working. This is a legal requirement if you employ staff in your company. This can protect your staff in case they obtain injuries while at work.

Personal accident insurance can protect the business owner as well as their business partners in the event that they get injured at work. For instance, what if you broke your leg after falling from a roof. Since you won’t be able to work anymore then you will be provided with a weekly benefit until such time that you are able to work again. Including personal accident cover in your roofing insurance can safeguard your income in case something bad can happen to you.

You can also get a cover that can protect your tools and equipment. There are different levels of cover that are available, you can choose which one is appropriate for your needs.

Commercial legal cover is another insurance that you can include in your roofing insurance. This can protect you against disputes in employment and tax. This can also cover the jury’s allowance in the event that you, your business partners or staff will appear on court.

So, if you’re a roofer or you have a roofing business, then you should look for the right insurance that can protect your livelihood. By speaking to an expert advisor, you can get the protection that you need.

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