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Reiki Insurance Explained

If you are a Reiki therapist, then it is essential that you should have the right Reiki insurance cover. Reiki is a Japanese therapy that uses the life force energy from our bodies. The Reiki practitioner will impart the energy through their palms and use this to provide a state of balance.

As a Reiki healing practitioner, your clients expect you to provide them with your expertise and personal service. That is why you need to protect yourself in case something goes wrong. Whether you work on your own or you employ staff, you must protect your employees, your clients, your premises, and your equipment.

Protecting yourself with the right Reiki insurance is very important since it can cover you against any claims made against you and your business.

Why do Reiki Healers need insurance?

Reiki is a great technique for healing. It’s beautiful, helpful and has wonderful benefits. So why do Reiki healers need Reiki Insurance? If you are offering these services to your clients, then you need to protect yourself. If your customer is not satisfied with the service that you offer, then there could be legal issues.

For instance, if you are using a table or a chair, then it is possible that your client might fall from the table or chair and obtain injuries. When this happens, you will be liable for the medical expenses. When the client files a legal claim, then you will have to pay for the cost of defending yourself. Unfortunately, if you fail, then you will have to pay for the compensation that will be awarded to the client.

You have lots of clients each day and some of them are new clients. What if this person is not satisfied with your service and makes legal action against you or your business.  Whether this is justifiable or not, you must take out a Reiki insurance.

Finding the Best Reiki Insurance

What type of Reiki insurance cover do you need?

Public liability insurance can protect you in the event that you have caused an injury to a member of the public or damaged their property. This cover can protect you when claims arise and you need to pay for the legal fees and compensation costs.

Professional Indemnity and Professional Liability are also essential covers for Reiki therapists. This can cover you in the event that you made mistakes on your treatment and advice. For instance, a client might claim that they suffered from successive injuries after the treatment. This cover can take care of the legal fees and any other related costs related to the settlement in case your client will sue you for negligence.

Your tools and equipment are significant for your business. So, what if your equipment will be lost, stolen, or damaged? Since you are relying on your tools then it is only practical that you should get an equipment cover.

Having a personal accident cover can protect you in case you suffer from a serious injury and is unable to continue with your Reiki activities. This can cover your loss of income to help you pay for your rentals, wages, and other expenses.

Why do Reiki practitioners need Public Liability insurance?

Each day Reiki practitioners are facing the risk of being sued by their clients in case they cause an injury or damage to their properties. The legal cost for defending yourself can be tremendous and may cause severe financial hardship.

The level of coverage will depend on the reiki healer. Most likely, this will depend on the type of activities that you practice as well as the potential risks that you will be facing. So, how much will you pay for your public liability insurance?

Your premium will depend on several factors such as the number of people that are currently involved in your business, the policy limit as well as if you were involved in previous claims.

Why do Reiki practitioners need Professional Indemnity insurance?

As a Reiki practitioner, you are helping your clients relieve their stress by guiding their life force energy. However, you may not be able to successfully help all your clients. For instance, somebody might claim that your healing technique made their injury or illness worse. Obviously, this is not a good thing for your business. However, having Reiki Healer Professional Indemnity insurance can help you in paying for the legal fees and compensation costs in the event that your client will file a claim against you for malpractice.

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