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As a beauty therapist, you will be working closely with your clients. Accidents can happen every day. Whether your client tripped over or slipped in your salon or you accidentally stained the carpet in your client’s house, this can create a big impact on you and your business.

Who needs beauty insurance?

Even if you have high standards in your work, you can’t prevent accidents from happening. You can’t also prevent your clients from complaining that you did something wrong to them. Having reliable beauty insurance in place can cover the risks that you might be facing as a beauty therapist. This is an affordable cover that can protect you and your business.

Where can I get Professional Beauty insurance?

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Some clients are patient enough to understand when mishaps can happen. But what if a client will sue you and you are required to pay a huge amount for the compensation costs. This might cause financial loss to your company. Legal actions can cost a lot. Hence, if you don’t have sufficient cover, then it can be very expensive and complicated too.

How much is beauty insurance?

If you are a beautician or beauty therapist, then you must understand that you will be facing different risks. Taking out beauty insurance can cover your business against legal claims in case accidents can happen. If one of your clients suffer injuries or damages, then you could be facing an expensive lawsuit even if was caused by faulty products.

The cost of beauty insurance may vary since it will depend on several factors. This is applicable even if you are an owner of a salon, a self-employed mobile beautician, or a freelance beauty therapist working in a salon.

It will also depend on the type of beauty service that you provide. For instance, beauty therapists who perform intense techniques are facing more risks than those who are doing nail art. Hence, beauticians who have high-risk jobs will have to pay more for their insurance premiums.

Finding the Best Beauty Insurance

What beauty insurance cover do you really need?

Beauty treatment risk liability insurance is very useful in case one of your clients complain about an injury or illness caused by the treatment that you provide. For instance, your client might suffer from scarring, burn, or even an allergic reaction. When this happens, you will be required to pay for the compensation costs and expensive legal fees in case the client files for a claim. Beauty insurance can cover the legal costs as well as the compensation amount that will be awarded to the client.

Public liability insurance is another important coverage that you need. This can cover you in the event that your client or a member of the public blames you for an injury. Take note that this injury is not related to the beauty treatment that you provide. For instance, you left your equipment on the floor and your client or somebody trips over it and gets injured. It can also cover damage to property. For instance, you have accidentally broken a glass table.

Whether you provide your service at home or in a salon, or you are a mobile beauty therapist, Public Liability Insurance can cover you in case your client or a member of the public will file a claim due to an injury or damage to their property.

Are self-employed beauty therapists required to take out public liability cover? Although this is not a legal requirement, it is considered as an essential cover especially if you are involved in customer-related industries. Aside from providing you with peace of mind, it can also give you a sense of security. Additionally, it can also make your business look reputable.

Employers liability insurance is a legal requirement if you have any employees. This can cover your employees in case something bad happens to them while working in your business. For instance, your staff might get injured or ill while providing beauty treatment.

Product liability insurance can cover the beauty products that you use on your client. For instance, the beauty product might have caused an injury or damage to property.

What are other covers that you can add?

If you want, you can also add other covers to your policy. You can either choose to add a stock cover, equipment insurance, personal accident insurance, money cover, legal expenses, as well as financial loss cover. You need to pay an extra charge if you want to add them to your policy.

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