Beauty Therapy Insurance

Beauty Therapy Insurance Explained

If you are working in the beauty industry, then you should keep yourself protected with beauty therapy insurance. If you are a self-employed beautician, then having an insurance policy is something that you should consider.

Where can I get Beauty Therapy Insurance?

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Why do you need a beauty therapy insurance?

Your clients choose you because they know that you can make them look their best. Aside from the beauty industry, anyone who is involved in a business wherein they have close contact with clients should think about getting an insurance policy.

Accidents can happen anywhere, even in the beauty industry. As a beautician, you will be working with hot or sharp equipment. Perhaps you are using products which can cause staining. For instance, your client suffered from an allergic reaction as a result of a product that you’ve used. When this happens, you will be facing an expensive compensation claim.

Aside from this, you are also using tools which are very expensive. What if these tools will get damaged or stolen and you don’t have enough money to pay for its repair or replacement? Having a beauty therapy insurance can cover these risks.

Finding the Best Beauty Therapy Insurance

What can be covered by a beauty therapy insurance?

Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance is an important cover for every beautician. Even if you are not involved in the beauty industry, it is essential that you are protected by this cover most especially if you regularly come in contact with third parties such as clients, suppliers and even passersby.

This can cover you in case a member of the public suffered from an injury or their property was damaged due to your business. Hence, when someone suffered from an allergic reaction and file a claim against you, then you can be covered by this insurance. It can pay for legal fees and compensation costs.

Compensation costs can be very expensive, sometimes it can reach to millions of pounds. That is why most insurers would offer you a public liability cover between £1m and £10m. So, how do you know how much cover you need? You need to assess the extent of your work and the amount of claim that you might be facing in case something goes wrong.

What other covers should you include in your beauty insurance?

Employers’ Liability Insurance

If you employ staff in your business, then an employers’ liability insurance is mandatory. This can cover you in the event that one of your employees gets injured or become ill while working in your business. For instance, a member of your staff slips over in your premises and files a compensation claim against you.  If you have this cover, then you don’t have to worry since you are protected.

It is important to remember that if you are legally required to get employers’ liability cover, then you will have to pay a fine of up to £2,500 for each day that you are not covered.

Business Buildings Insurance

If you are running your business in a beauty shop, then you might want to consider having business buildings cover. Aside from your building, this insurance can also cover fixtures and fittings. You also have the option to add business contents so you can include the things that are found in your premises. If you are renting your beauty salon, then it will be the responsibility of the landlord to obtain this cover. Be sure to ask your landlord before getting this insurance,

Business Equipment Insurance

The equipment that you use in your business is expensive. Also, you rely on them in getting the job done. That is why it is essential that you must get business equipment insurance to protect your equipment. Having this cover can give you peace of mind. In the event that your equipment gets damaged or stolen, then you can get them repaired or replaced right away so you can continue with your job.

Stock Insurance

Having this cover in place can protect your stocks that are stored on your business premises. This can include hair colors, straighteners, and other types of hair products. In the event that your stocks are lost, stolen, or damaged, then you can ensure that they can quickly get repaired or replaced.

Where can you get beauty therapy insurance?

There are a lot of insurers who are offering beauty therapy insurance. But before deciding which one to buy, you must compare quotes. You can quickly get your quotes online.

Compare Beauty Therapy Insurance Quotes

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