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Public House Insurance Explained

Operating your own bar, public house, or restaurant can be very lucrative. However, it also includes a lot of obligation. This is because you can never foresee the effects of alcohol on your customers. At the same time, there is also a risk to other clients, your employees as well as your property. This is why it is essential that you must find the right public house insurance.

Why do you need public house insurance?

Running a pub includes several challenges. You could be facing a lot of risks on a daily basis. For instance, your customer might slip and fall, or your employee might get injured or ill while working in the pub. When these incidents occur, you must be protected with public house insurance.

Typically, your public house insurance should include employer’s liability insurance cover. This can protect you and your business against any claims made by your employees due to the injuries or illness that they obtain while working at your premises.

Public liability insurance is frequently included as a standard. This is very useful when claims are filed by a customer or a third party in the event that they get injured or their property was damaged on your premises. Building insurance is also a significant cover if you own the building that is used for your pub. Product liability might also be needed if you sell food products to your customer. They can file a claim against you if they will blame your product for their illness.

You also have the option to add some extras such as business interruption cover, contents cover, equipment cover, as well as cover for loss of alcohol licence and loss of money.

Finding the Best Public House Insurance

What cover should you include in your public house insurance?

Since pubs come with its risks, then it is essential to have an insurance that is tailor-made to meet your specific needs. This can protect your livelihood against any unexpected events so you can have peace of mind and you can focus more on running your business.

There are several incidents that could lead to a claim filed against you. Hence, having the right public house insurance must be your priority.

Pubs come in different varieties, from restaurants to wine bars. Regardless of what your specialty is, you must ensure that you have public house insurance that can protect you on your trading activities.

Liability Insurance for Public Houses

Public liability insurance can cover you in case your customers will file a claim due to an injury from slips or falls, or due to an illness such as food poisoning. Even how careful you or your staff are in handling your duties, accidents can still happen. For instance, the spilled drinks on the floor could cause injuries and result in huge claims against you.

Additionally, it is also important to protect the wellbeing of your staff. Employers’ liability insurance can cover your employees against accidents, injuries, or illness. While product liability insurance is necessary if you are selling products in your pub. Your public house insurance must include public liability insurance, employers’ liability insurance, and product liability insurance to ensure that you are covered when unexpected events can occur.

Buildings and Contents Cover

If you own your pub premises, then you must get buildings insurance. A contents insurance is also important to cover all your equipment including your bar stools, kitchen equipment, etc. You can also include a loss of money insurance in your public house insurance. This can cover the money that is lost or stolen from you.

Business Interruption Insurance

Including business interruption cover in your public house insurance can help you in case your premises is damaged and you can’t continue trading. It can pay for the salaries and other fixed expenses.

Loss of Licence insurance

Before you can sell alcohol to your customers, you must first secure an appropriate alcohol licence. But there are some reasons why your licence can be revoked or cannot be renewed. This is why it is important to secure your pub in case you will encounter such a loss.

Loss of licence insurance can cover your business in case your alcohol licence is forfeited or suspended. This policy can cover you for your loss of profit and other expenses needed so you can retain your gross profit.

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