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Catering Insurance Explained

Having a catering business is an exciting way of making a living. However, just like any other businesses, it is also full of risks. Hence, you have to make sure that you are covered with the right insurance which meets the demands of your work. For instance, if you provide catering services to a wedding celebration and they blame you for their illness because of the food that you serve. When this happens, your business could be liable for paying the damages. If they will make a claim, then your business could suffer financially.

Regardless, if you have a small catering business, having insurance is still essential. Even if you are running your business at home or you are a full-time catering professional, you can still experience the same problems.

Aside from facing legal claims from your clients and members of the public, you could also be facing other problems such as damage to your fridge, cake mixer, and other equipment. If you have a defective freezer then it could ruin your stock. In case a fire or flood suddenly struck, then you won’t be able to use your workspace anymore. If any of these cases will happen to your business then it cannot be covered by your home insurance.

Finding the Best Catering Insurance

What cover should you include in your catering insurance?

Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance is a key cover that you need to take out. This can cover you in the event that your client or a member of the public was accidentally injured or if you have caused some damage to their property. What if one of your staff suddenly dropped a hot cup of tea on your client’s lap, or a container of soup was spilled all over your client’s carpet or a third party slipped on a wet floor while visiting your business premises. If you will encounter any of these incidents, then public liability insurance can pay for the legal fees, compensation, and damages.

Product Liability Insurance

Product liability insurance is another important coverage that can help your business in case somebody gets ill after eating the food that you provide. For instance, your customer discovered a foreign object on the food that you serve, or you have inadvertently provided them with spoiled food. This can pay for your legal expenses in case your customer will take legal action.

Employers’ Liability Insurance

If you have employees working for you then it is mandatory that you should take out an employers’ liability insurance. This can cover the medical expenses, legal fees, and compensation costs in case your staff will get injured or ill while doing their job and decides to file a claim against your business. Regardless if your employee is working on a part-time or full-time basis, they can still be covered with an employers’ liability insurance.

Contents and Stock Insurance

Contents cover can protect your specialist equipment as well as other types of electrical items such as food processors. If you are keeping your food stocks and cooking equipment in your home, then be sure that it is covered with the appropriate insurance. Keep in mind that your business equipment can’t be covered under your personal home insurance policy. Some insurers offer a cover that can protect your equipment if you use them while you’re on the go. This is very helpful when you have to provide catering services to various venues.

Buildings Insurance

Buildings insurance can pay for the cost of repairing or restoring your premises in case it was damaged by fire, flood, storm, and other disasters as long as it is a covered event. The cover also includes clearing out the debris. Some insurers can also cover the architect’s fees and equipment breakdown. As long as the equipment is part of the building, then it can cover for the cost of its repair or replacement provided that the damage is not caused by wear and tear. Some examples of these equipment are fire alarms and boilers.

Business Interruption Insurance

If your premises, stock, and equipment are damaged and you can’t continue trading then business interruption insurance can help you set up your business in a different location. Some insurers include cover for the transfer of venue in case there was damage at the premises.

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