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Bed & Breakfast Insurance can provide a wide range of cover to your bed & breakfast business. Your policy should include cover for building, contents, stock, public and products liability. With public liability insurance, you can be covered when your guests or a member of the public gets injured or their property was damaged while staying in your bed & breakfast. On the other hand, product liability insurance can protect you in case the foods and goods that you supply to your guests have caused them harm.

Buildings insurance is also an important cover for your bed & breakfast since it can cover damage to your property caused by fire, theft, flood, storm, and other disasters. Although business interruption insurance is an optional cover, yet it is also important. This can help you pay for your salaries and other fixed expenses in case you can’t continue doing your business due to some damage to your bed & breakfast.

Where can I get B&B Insurance?

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What cover should you include in your bed & breakfast insurance?

Public Liability Insurance

Every Bed & Breakfast Insurance policy must include public liability insurance. This is an important cover that every owner of bed & breakfast should consider. It can cover your business in the event that your guest or a member of the public gets injured while staying at your bed & breakfast.

For instance, your guest accidentally slips on a wet floor and injured themselves, then public liability can cover this. It can also cover your business in case you’ve caused damage to the property of your guest or a member of the public. It can pay for the legal fees as well as the compensation costs based on your policy limit.

Employer’s Liability Insurance

This can cover the legal expenses and compensation costs in case your employees get injured or ill while working for you on your bed and breakfast. If you have some people working for you, then this is compulsory.

Buildings Insurance

This can cover the building used bed & breakfast as well as the other buildings within the property. They can be insured against fire, flood, storm, or any type of disasters as long as it is an insured event. This policy can cover the cost of repair as well as rebuilding the property. It can even cover the removal of the debris as well as the payment for the architect fees in case the damage was severe and it cannot be repaired anymore.

Some insurers also include equipment breakdown cover on their buildings insurance. For instance, it can pay for the repair of your air conditioning system, alarm, and other built-in appliances that are found in your bed and breakfast. The cover will likely depend on your policy limit.

Business Contents and Stock Cover

This can cover the contents of your bed & breakfast including the beds, linen, curtains, and wardrobes. It can even cover furnitures such as dressing tables as well as the equipment that you use in running your business including laptops and computers. This policy also includes cover for equipment breakdown. It can pay for the cost of the repair or replacement of appliances such as washers, dryers, freezers, etc, as long as the damage is not due to wear and tear.

The stock insurance can cover for the stocks of your bed & breakfast including food, wines, beers, toiletries, etc. The contents and stocks can be covered as long as they are used in your bed & breakfast and they are damaged by fire, flood, storm, and other incidents that are considered as an insured event. Some insurers will also cover the damage to your guests’ belongings while they are staying in your bed & breakfast.

Keep in mind that your business contents cover is not the same as your home contents. You need to insure them separately.

Legal Expenses Cover

This is another important cover for your bed & breakfast. With this cover, you don’t have to worry about the cost of paying your lawyers in case your business encounter any legal issues. It can pay for the legal costs related to disputes with guests, employees, or suppliers.

Business Interruption Insurance

If your bed & breakfast was damaged due to an insured event including fire or flood, then this is the policy that can protect your business.

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