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BT TV Packages Explained

BT TV Packages includes catch up TV, on-demand services, as well as the ability to pause, rewind, and record. Plus, you’ll get the chance to watch Sky Sports and Sky Cinema or use Netflix. In order to enjoy the best TV experience, you must get BT’s Superfast Fibre broadband service. You can combine your Superfast Fibre broadband with a YouView+ Ultra HD box that comes with 1TB of memory. This allows you to record a series of shows up to 600 hours. Also includes BT Sports in Ultra HD. You can also choose to add up to 20 premium channels and content for films, music, and Kids TV as well as Sky Sports.

Why should you pair your BT TV with Superfast Fibre broadband?

This is because BT TV shows are streamed over a broadband connection. Hence, by using a faster fibre connection, you’ll get much better quality.

The standard box platform being used by BT TV is YouView. It offers you Freeview channels, catch-up TV, on-demand services and the chance to pause, rewind and record TV shows. It also gives you access to several apps such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Now TV. You can also add more channels in this box. There are three different types of YouView boxes that you can avail depending on your package and your broadband connection.

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Three Types of YouView Boxes

YouView box – This is the standard box that allows you to pause and rewind live TV shows for up to 30 minutes for regular channels and 14 minutes for HD channels. The downside is it cannot record TV shows. Since it is only used for the Starter package, then it is incapable of supporting HD channels. Although, you can watch HD content that is included on Freeview. However, if you pair your Starter package with Superfast Fibre broadband, then you can add HD channels of Sky Sports, BT Sport, and Sky Sports extras.

YouView+ box – Just like the standard YouView box, this can also let you pause and rewind live TV shows. However, this one allows you to store up to 300 hours of your favorite shows since it includes a 500GB hard drive. With its dual tuners, you can watch one channel and record on another channel at the same time.

YouView Ultra HD box – Actually, this one provides the same features as the abovementioned. However, this one includes a larger hard drive so you can record up to 600 hours of standard content. Additionally, it will give you access to Ultra HD channels.

Finding The Best BT TV Packages

What are the different BT TV Packages with Superfast Fibre broadband?

TV Starter Package  – This package allows you to pause and rewind live TV shows of up to 30 minutes. It comes with 80 Freeview channels and catch-up TV. For on-demand content, you have to visit the BT TV Store to either rent or buy them. This package includes AMC channel but not the BT Sport Pack, but you can get this as an add-on. The Starter Package uses the standard mini YouView box.

TV Entertainment Package – It has similar features with the aforementioned, however, it gives you the chance to record up to 300 hours of standard programs. It comes with 20 premium channels. With the BT TV App, you can use your phone, tablet, or laptop in watching a variety of channels that are included in your package. The Entertainment Package comes with the YouView+ box.

Max Package – This is the most superior TV package from BT. It has similar features with Entertainment but with some additions such as the inclusion of 62 premium channels wherein 21 of them are HD channels and 10 are kids’ channels. You can watch BT Sport on Ultra HD. The Max Package uses the YouView Ultra HD box. You can watch 4K picture quality in this Ultra HD box but only if you are using a 4K compatible TV.

Can BT TV Packages be paired with standard broadband?

BT TV is best when paired with unlimited fibre, however, it can also be paired with the standard broadband package. If you have a limited broadband speed, then you can either choose between BT TV Starter or Essential Package. The Starter Package comes with the YouView box while the Essential Package uses the YouView+ box. In both of these packages, you can choose to add on-demand channels from Sky Cinema, Music, and Kids.

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