Virgin Media TV Packages

Virgin Media TV Packages Explained

When it comes to TV packages, you can find a wide range of options at Virgin Media. They offer tons of channels, movies on-demand, catch-up TV, and a lot more. It seems that you will never run out of shows to watch. Unfortunately, due to these numerous choices, you are now having a difficult time figuring out what package to choose most especially when you also need to consider Virgin Media’s fast broadband.

What are your options for Virgin Media TV packages?

Virgin Media offers various channels from entertainment to movies, news, music, shopping, etc. Here are your four choices for your TV package.

Player TV – This TV package comes with more than 70 channels. This includes lots of HD channels and of course the traditional free-to-air ones. You can also enjoy catch-up TV, plus you have the option to add some extra channels for an additional cost. You can add Sky Cinema, Sky Sports, or BT Sport.

Mix TV – Another option which includes everything in Player TV, yet with an addition of another gigantic 80 channels that includes the Sky suite.

Full House TV – This is the best deal for you. It’s got more than 245 channels and 45 of them are HD channels. There’s a variety of shows to watch from documentaries, kids’ shows to entertainment. It even includes on-demand TV shows.

VIP – An ideal option for those who want everything. It includes Full House TV in addition to Sky Sports and Sky Cinema.

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What does Player TV package include?

Player TV is a perfect package for those who like to record their favorite shows. With VIVID 50, you can browse or stream all day long even if you have numerous devices. Since it has unlimited downloads, then you can download anything you want. It comes with a 500GB TiVo set top box so you’ll have the chance to pause and rewind live TV. It has the capacity of recording up to 250 hours of standard definition shows. With catch-up TV, you can watch the shows that you’ve missed. You can also watch a lot of on-demand content. Also includes superior apps such as Netflix.

What do all Virgin Media TV packages consist of?

When recording your favorite show, it would be great if you can record its entire series so you can watch them all at once. However, you may require more space for it. The good news is all Virgin Media TV packages includes 1TB V6 box. This gives you sufficient space for recording 500 hours of standard TV. Plus, it allows you to record up to six shows at the same time.

With Virgin TV Anywhere, you can watch live shows, on-demand shows, and even catch-up TV, right on your phone, tablet, laptop, or computer. You can even set recordings remotely and view what shows are recorded on your TiVo box. Additionally, if you include Sky Cinema or Sky Sports on your subscription, you can use their corresponding apps in watching them.

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What channels are available on Virgin Media TV?

Virgin Media TV provides you with a lot of things to watch. It’s one of the most complete TV services that you can find out there. They are offering a variety of channels including entertainment, sports, documentaries, movies, kids’ shows, and numerous on-demand content.

Obviously, the channels that you’ll be getting will greatly depend on the TV package that you choose. Some of these channels might already be included in your package. If not, then you can always add them, but you need to pay an additional cost. Here are some of the most popular choices:

Sky Entertainment

Sky entertainment channels are already included in Full House TV, Mix TV, and VIP TV packages. The channels that are included here are Sky One, Sky Two, Sky Arts, and Sky Witness. Unluckily, it does not have Sky Atlantic, hence you won’t be able to watch hit shows from the US including Game of Thrones.

Sky Sports

If you are an avid fan of sports, then this is definitely a perfect add on to your package. Here, you can obtain ten Sky Sports channels. However, if you have a VIP TV pack, then no need to add since it is already included in your bundle.

BT Sport

BT Sport is also another sports channel that you can add upon choosing any TV package.

Sky Cinema

If you love watching movies, then you should get the Sky Cinema since Virgin Media only offers limited movie channels. It includes a wide variety of indie movies, foreign movies as well as most of the recent blockbusters. This can be added to any TV package any time you want.

On Demand

There is an enormous amount of on-demand content that you can avail at Virgin Media. Likewise, you can also use apps such as Netflix, iPlayer, and YouTube.

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