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TalkTalk TV Packages Explained

With TalkTalk, you can obtain a straightforward TV package. One that is simple yet affordable. If you are looking for a less expensive TV package, then you should choose TalkTalk. Although they only offer a few channels in their TV bundles, however, you can easily customize it to fit your needs. They also include a lot of extra features like catch-up TV.

What are the TV packages offered by TalkTalk?

TalkTalk TV offers its customers with two packages. These are the standard TV and TV Plus.

Standard TV – If you are a new customer, then you can start with this basic TalkTalk TV package. This includes a free YouView box where you can watch approximately 80 free-to-air channels. It also allows you to pause and rewind live TV shows for the duration of up to 30 minutes. Additionally, you can make use of catch-up TV and other on-demand services, but it will only last for seven days. It’s very easy to use since all of these are already incorporated in your TV interface. You can also watch on-demand TV on your phone, tablet, or laptop. All you have to do is download the free TV2Go app. Just make sure that you have connected to the Wi-Fi so you can watch some live channels. It also comes with the TalkTalk TV Planner app for saving your important reminders and recordings wherever you are.

TV Plus – This package contains everything that is included in the standard TV package plus more. The best thing about this package is you’ll get the topnotch YouView box. This allows you to record live TV shows that can last up to 185 hours. Additionally, you’ll also obtain 13 more entertainment channels which include channels from Sky.

Both of these TalkTalk TV packages can include a variety of extra channels or on-demand services depending on your options. These add ons are also referred to as ‘Boosts’.

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There are a bunch of channels that are included in every Boost package. You can either choose a collection of sports, entertainment, kids, or movie channels. You can add these channels on your monthly contract. However, you also have the option to cancel it anytime you want. That is why TalkTalk TV packages are considered one of the most flexible subscriptions that you can find. It gives you the chance to create your own TV.

Finding The Best TalkTalk TV Packages

What channels are available in TalkTalk TV packages?

When it comes to TV channels, TalkTalk TV follows an exceptional method. Whatever package you choose, each of them includes a free YouView box. Basically, it gives you the chance to watch about 70 basic Freeview channels. These channels include the old global channels with an addition of the new ones. There are also various channels for music, news, entertainment, and radio stations.

If you choose the TV Plus package, then you can also enjoy having the TV Select boost. This gives you 13 more channels which include Sky One, Sky Two, and Fox.

If you want more, then you can make an additional payment each month for your chosen Boost package. There are numerous options that are available from kids’ TV to blockbuster movies. These additional channels are very flexible since you have the option to add or cancel them anytime.

What are the different Boost packages that you can choose from?

TV Select – If you avail the TV Plus package, then there’s no need to add this since it is already included as a standard. It consists of 13 channels which include Sky One and Sky Witness.

Sky Sports – This Boost package is perfect for those who love watching any type of sports. It includes 10 sports channels including Sky Sports channels. Here, you can watch Premier League football, F1, international cricket, and a lot more.

Entertainment Boost – With this package, you can get 30 additional channels that feature entertainment and factual events. Some of these channels are Sky One, Sky Witness, Sky Arts, Fox, Comedy Central, Watch, and GOLD.

Sky Cinema – This is ideal for those who love to watch movies all the time. This includes 11 Sky Cinema channels where you’ll get the chance to watch the latest blockbuster premieres as well as Hollywood classics and a lot more.

Asian Boost – Here, you can watch the best TV shows from Asia and India as well as Bollywood movies.

Kids Boost – If your kids are looking for more channels, then this is the best boost package for them. It features popular kids’ channels such as Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, and Nicktoons.

On-demand services such as iPlayer and 4OD can only be availed if you have an existing account. However, if you don’t have any, then you can create your own account. You can even choose to add the amount to your monthly TalkTalk bill.

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