30 Direct Mail Statistics You Can Use Right Now

Nowadays, there are a lot of marketing channels that marketers can use. This includes search engine optimization, email, social media networks, trade shows, print advertising, and so much more! But unfortunately, business owners often neglect one of the best marketing methods that have been tried-and-tested and provide the best results. You might think that direct mail marketing is simply a thing of the past. However, after reading this list of direct mail statistics, you’ll probably change your way of thinking.

For instance, do you know that four in ten Americans are always excited about checking their mailbox? Aside from looking forward to receiving mail, people tend to hold on to it for quite some time. Normally, the mail in a common household will be discarded after 17 days. This means that there will be great chances that your direct mail will be read or at least scanned through. Direct mail is definitely something that you should think about when planning for your marketing campaign.

Direct mail is still considered as one of the best mediums for delivering your marketing message directly to your customers. If you are having some doubts, then perhaps these direct mail stats can convince you.

Direct Mail Will Give You The Best Response

1. The household response rate for direct mail is 5.1% which is much higher compared to 0.6% for paid search, 0.6% for email, 0.4% for social media, and 0.2% online display. Based on the report from DMA, this is the highest response rate that came up ever since they’ve generated the Response Rate Report in 2003.

2. Direct mail that uses oversized envelopes has the biggest household response rate of 6.6%. This is followed by 5.7% for postcards and 4.3% for letter-sized envelopes. (Source: DMA)

3. The median household return on investment for direct mail is 29%. While its 124% for email, 30% for social media, 23% for paid search, and 16% for online display. (Source: DMA)

4. Direct mail has a response rate of 12.4% for individuals who are between 18 and 21 years old. (Source: DMA)

5. Also, they found out that the highest household return on investment for direct mail is at 37% using oversized envelopes. This is followed by other mediums such as postcards and letter-sized envelopes which are at 29%). (Source: DMA)

6. There is a variety of response rate tracking methods that are available, however, the top ones are online tracking strategies including PURLs with a rating of 61%, phone or call center with a rating of 53%, and coupons or codes with a rating of 42%. (Source: DMA)

7. If you are a marketer in the US, then you’ll be glad to know that spending $167 on direct mail can make you sell $2095 in goods. (Source: Print is Big)

The Bottom Line

Direct mail creates a great impact compared to other mediums since it provides the customer with actual experience. Based on these stats, it is quite obvious that nothing can beat the oversized pieces.

Personalization Can Further Boost The Response

8. By using a 1:1 level in attracting customers, you can gain an increase in response rates of up to 50% or even more. (Source: DMA)

9. If you want to improve the response rating, then you could add the individual’s name on the direct mail and make sure to have it in full color. This allows you to improve the response by 135%. (Source: Canon Solutions America)

10. Aside from adding the individual’s name in full color, you could include more complicated database information so you can improve your response rate of up to 500% contrary to not implementing any of this personalization. (Source: Canon Solutions America)

The Bottom Line

Customers have the tendency to respond to any type of marketing message most especially if they feel that it was personally written just for them.

There Are Various Channels Out There

11. Convincing a customer for the first time will likely require up to 18 to 20 marketing messages. (Source: Compu-Mail)

12. Each day, an average person can likely receive over 2900 marketing messages. (Source: FireSnap)

13. Most marketers are using different types of mediums, however, 11% of these marketers are satisfied in using only one medium. (Source: DMA)

14. These users who are only using one medium will likely use email, which has a rating of 54% and 22% for direct mail. (Source: DMA)

15. The mediums used by marketers have an average of 3.4%. This is a bit higher than last year’s study which is 2.7%. (Source: DMA)

The Bottom Line

People are using different types of platforms. Hence, as a marketer, you have to ensure that your messages are transparent and consistent in all of these platforms.

Direct Mail and Digital Work Hand In Hand

16. Close to 90% of users will first visit websites before they start making a call. (Source: Huffington Post)

17. Sadly, 96%  of these customers will leave the site without buying anything. (Source: Google Analytics)

18. By combining direct mail with digital ads, you can boost your conversion rate to as much as 28% higher.  (Source: NonProfit PRO)

19. When users are retargeted, most likely, there is a 70% chance that they will convert. (Source: Criteo)

20. In fact, retargeting can likely make 26% of customers decide to return back to a particular website. (Source: Wishpond)

21. Marketing ads that combine direct mail and one or more digital media can obtain an increase of 118% in their response rate which is contrary to using direct mail only. (Source: Merkle)

The Bottom Line

Most often, direct mail response is hard to monitor since not all people will make a call immediately. These people will likely return to the site to get more information about a certain product, instead of choosing to talk directly to a sales representative who can explain more about the product.

It Is Better To Nurture Existing Interest Than Creating A New One

22. Selling to an existing customer has a higher probability of 60 to 70% compared to the probability of 5 to 20% when you are selling to a new customer. (Source: Invesp)

23. Creating a new interest is ten times more difficult than nurturing your existing interest. (Source: Invesp)

24. Acquiring a new customer will cost as much as five to twelve times more than retaining your existing customers. (Source: Invesp)

25. Direct mail messages which are sent to existing customers of a specific brand has an 18.4% average response rate. (Source: USPS)

26. If you can obtain a 5% increase in retention, then you will be able to increase your profit between 25% to 95%. (Source: Small Business Trends)

27. When direct mail is used in a household acquisition, it will cost $26.40. While the cost for internet display is $24.75, $20.32 for social media, $16.22 for paid search, and $10.32 for email. (Source: DMA)

The Bottom Line

When nurturing existing interest, it is best to use direct mail. This can help you in retaining your present customers and in keeping your prospects engaged and satisfied. As we have observed the cost per acquisition for direct mail is much higher. However, its median return on investment and the average response rate is quite competitive enough.

Accurate Data Can Make You Successful

28. There is a 40% chance that your direct marketing campaign will become successful based on your data. (Source: Above the Fold)

29. Approximately 73% of companies want to be data-driven, however, only 29% of these companies have succeeded in converting data into action. (Source: Forrester)

30. Generally, there is a 20% to 30% margin of error on purchased lists due to different reasons, for instance, change of career, the transferring of people, people getting married or divorced.

The Bottom Line

It is crucial to always keep a precise, updated database list of all your customers.

Why Do Direct Mail Strategies Still Effective?

Most business owners will likely give little value to direct marketing since we are now in the digital age. However, mailing strategies are still proven to be effective. In fact, it can generate a great return on investment.

One of the greatest strengths of direct mail is that it can help in building up a local brand while making some contributions to a larger scale marketing strategy. Direct mail campaigns can successfully entice and engage audiences. At the same time, it can generate an emotional response. This is why direct mail should be included in your upcoming marketing strategy. Direct mail can benefit your business in a lot of ways.

Do you know that in 2016, businesses invest £1.5 billion in direct mail marketing? Also, do you know that Google is sending out direct mail messages to their prospects based on their mailing lists? So, what do you think? Is direct mail a dead strategy?

Based on these statistics alone, it is quite obvious that direct mailing creates a huge impact in today’s marketing world. Personalization is an important aspect to consider for direct mail. People will likely open their letters when they are personalized.

Direct Mail Can Entice And Engage People

When posting ads on social media, do you think your audience will be able to remember your name? Based on some research, people can remember the brands 75% when they are viewed on direct mail and 44% only when they are found in digital content. This proves that marketers that are using direct mail can generate a psychological connection compared to those who are using digital content. Perhaps this is due to the fact that direct mail marketing does not require too much cognitive effort compared to digital marketing.

Using direct mail content can make you communicate easily without any disruptions, notifications, and comparisons. What it will do is provide informative content in order to help the customers make a well- informed decision when choosing products or services. This is the right kind of communication that most people are looking for. Consequently, personalization must be implemented in direct mail content. If you would like to continue your engagement, then be sure to follow a personalized direct mailing structure.

In the UK, 66% of direct mails are opened. This can influence 56% of audiences to visit stores online or physically. This only proves that there is a high response rate when using direct mail campaigns. Additionally, it can also help in influencing your target markets.

Typically, 39% of households have a special area for direct mail. These people will always look forward to the delivery of their mail. One of the best things about using direct mail is that your marketing material will be accepted automatically. This is contrary to other strategies such as junk emails.

Direct Mail Can Provide More Profit To Companies

There are always costs associated with postal services, however, when considering profit, direct mail would be a great option. If you will compare the different types of marketing strategies, you will discover that direct mail can be found right in the middle. In fact, it is the third highest when it comes to the return of investment. In the first and second place are email marketing and social media content. Direct mail strategy is immediately followed by paid search and online display. For every £1 investment in direct mail, you can gain an average of £3.22 of ROI. This is actually an ROI of 322%.

If you want to obtain a consistent return on your marketing material, then you should prioritize direct mail strategies.

How To Create Direct Mail Campaigns That Actually Work?

If you want your direct mail campaigns to work successfully, then there are some areas that you have to consider. First of all, you have to make sure that your message is conveyed in such a way that there is an emotional connection with your audience. When creating your content, you should always consider pain points. Also include some methods on how to resolve these pain points.

Your marketing content should include a clear message which reflects your product or service offering. In this way, those who are searching for your products or services can likely connect. Perhaps this can result in a long term relationship.

Be creative when creating your message so it can easily grab attention from your audience. With today’s modern technology, direct mail is not just about sending cards to your prospects. A direct mailer can incorporate a variety of things such as customized designs, VR links, QR codes, etc.

Households will receive different types of letters, leaflets, flyers, posters, and adverts each day. That is why it is important that you have to make your direct mail message unique. This can help in grabbing attention. Having a unique, appealing design can make you stand out from your competitors.

A direct mail strategy can become successful when using the right knowledge and having a good eye for detail. This is also evident when you are comparing the different types of alternative marketing platforms.

Whether you are creating a stand-alone marketing campaign or an entirely integrated message on your marketing platforms, direct mail can significantly affect your marketing activities.

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