Asda Travel Money – Foreign Currency Exchange Rates

It doesn’t have to be difficult to go abroad, whether you’re going to the USA or Europe.

You may either swing by one of Asda in-store locations and pick up your travel money while doing your shopping, or you can order travel money online and have it delivered right to your door.

Current Asda Travel Money Exchange Rates

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Todays Asda Exchange Rates (17/06/2024)
CurrencyExchange Rate£750 BuysBuy Now
Euros1.1444858.30Home Delivery Click & Collect
US Dollars1.2396929.70Home Delivery Click & Collect
Turkish Lira34.813826,110.35Home Delivery Click & Collect
Japanese Yen182.223136,667.26Home Delivery Click & Collect
Australian Dollars1.87111,403.32Home Delivery Click & Collect
Thai Baht43.563632,672.70Home Delivery Click & Collect
UAE Dirham4.49053,367.87Home Delivery Click & Collect
Canadian Dollars1.65021,237.65Home Delivery Click & Collect
Polish Zloty4.78333,587.47Home Delivery Click & Collect
Kuwaiti Dinars0.3669275.17Home Delivery Click & Collect
Bahrain Dinar0.4521339.08Home Delivery Click & Collect
Omani Rial0.4618346.35Home Delivery Click & Collect
Jordan Dinar0.8442633.15Home Delivery Click & Collect
Swiss Francs1.0775808.12Home Delivery Click & Collect
Brunei Dollar1.60941,207.05Home Delivery Click & Collect
Singapore Dollars1.61621,212.15Home Delivery Click & Collect
New Zealand Dollar1.97611,482.07Home Delivery Click & Collect
Bulgarian Lev2.16381,622.85Home Delivery Click & Collect
Barbados Dollar2.37741,783.05Home Delivery Click & Collect
Fiji Dollar2.58651,939.87Home Delivery Click & Collect
East Caribbean Dollar3.19792,398.43Home Delivery Click & Collect
Israeli Shekel4.3113,233.25Home Delivery Click & Collect
Peru Nuevos Sol4.42513,318.82Home Delivery Click & Collect
Saudi Riyal4.50743,380.55Home Delivery Click & Collect
Romanian Leu5.47224,104.15Home Delivery Click & Collect
Malaysian Ringgit5.66024,245.15Home Delivery Click & Collect
Danish Krona8.28746,215.55Home Delivery Click & Collect
Chinese Yuan8.5246,393.00Home Delivery Click & Collect
Hong Kong Dollars9.40057,050.38Home Delivery Click & Collect
Swedish Krona12.4529,339.00Home Delivery Click & Collect
Norwegian Krone12.73779,553.28Home Delivery Click & Collect
Mexican Peso20.396615,297.45Home Delivery Click & Collect
South African Rand23.2917,467.50Home Delivery Click & Collect
Czech Koruna27.794820,846.10Home Delivery Click & Collect
Taiwan Dollar36.936527,702.38Home Delivery Click & Collect
Mauritian Rupee54.008940,506.67Home Delivery Click & Collect
Phillipino Peso65.022448,766.80Home Delivery Click & Collect
Dominican Republic Peso69.363352,022.47Home Delivery Click & Collect
Icelandic Krona162.832122,123.70Home Delivery Click & Collect
Kenyan Shilling171.225128,419.05Home Delivery Click & Collect
Jamaican Dollar183.664137,748.07Home Delivery Click & Collect
Hungarian Forint423.933317,949.83Home Delivery Click & Collect
Costa Rica Colon595.318446,488.63Home Delivery Click & Collect
Chilean Peso1146.93860,200.74Home Delivery Click & Collect
South Korea Won1564.021,173,017.76Home Delivery Click & Collect
Indonesian Rupiah1804113,530,741.21Home Delivery Click & Collect
Vietnam Dong28060.121,045,067.38Home Delivery Click & Collect

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The best way to buy Asda Travel Money

Buy locally

Subject to availability, drop by one of their in-store travel money bureaus to pick up your last-minute travel money. Better yet, they will match or beat any rate you find within five miles.

Shop online With their online service, you can order your travel money without leaving the house. Order your foreign currency on our website with a credit or debit card, and then select between Click & Collect or home delivery for £3.95 or FREE on orders over £500.

Shop online

With their online service, you can order your travel money without leaving the house. Order your foreign currency on the Asda website with a credit or debit card, and then select between Click & Collect or home delivery for £3.95 or FREE on orders over £500.

Choose & Collect

No-cost Click & Collect To pick up your travel funds at a convenient location close to you, select Click & Collect. Purchasing traveler’s checks has never been easier thanks to Click & Collect stations in specific Asda stores.

In addition to being practical, the new Asda Travel Money Card may also be the safest method to bring and use cash while travelling abroad. Put it to any use. It accepts Mastercard® Prepaid! Like with a debit card, you can use ATMs to withdraw money for nothing. The card also offers contactless payments, free international transactions, and no connections to your bank account. If your money starts to get low, you can manage it online, via the app, or over the phone, from anywhere in the world.

The Asda Travel Money Card is simple, adaptable, and handy. So you may resume taking advantage of your well-deserved vacation.

Waited till the very last moment? Don’t worry; just stop by one of their travel money offices to benefit from our same-day travel money services on a variety of common currencies, pending availability.

Dollars US

Asda Travel Money can help you prepare for your vacation to America.

It’s a good idea to purchase USD before you leave, whether you’re travelling to the majestic mountains of Maine or the golden coast of California.

With Asda Travel Money, purchasing or selling USD is as simple as doing your weekly grocery shopping.

You have the option of receiving your travel money in the form of cash or a currency card when you use ASDA Money. ASDA Money offers all the most frequently used currencies for travel. Although their range is not as wide as some others, it is still sufficient for the majority of travellers. ASDA will beat any competitor located within 5 miles of one of its local money stores. Purchases can be made in store or online.

When you purchase your travel money through ASDA Money, you can get it as either cash or a currency card. Like most other holiday money providers, ASDA Money offers all the most popular currencies for travel. Their range is not as extensive as some others, but it is adequate for most travellers. As an added bonus, ASDA will beat any competitor located within 5 miles of one of their local money stores. You can purchase in person or online.

  • Commission – 0%
  • Extra fees – may vary by branch
  • Receipt – click and collect and home delivery
  • Payment – cash, credit and debit cards.

Home delivery is free on all orders in excess of £500. A £3.95 charge is assessed on all smaller orders. There is no delivery charge on orders collected at a local ASDA Money store.

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