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Retail Insurance Explained

What is retail insurance?

Retail insurance refers to the different types of insurance policies that are needed by retail businesses. These policies can help them cover the cost of any liability that they might be facing while they are trading each day. If you are only a small business retailer, then you should at least take out buildings and contents insurance as well as a public liability cover.

In order to find the right coverage for your retail insurance, you need to consult an insurance expert that can help in recognizing the insurance that you need.

Where can I get Retail Insurance?

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Why choose retail insurance?

As an independent retailer, you require insurance that is tailor-made to your needs. Look for insurers that provide a flexible approach so you can obtain a complete cover that best suits your business needs. Make sure that your insurer provides you with quick and fair claims in order to reduce business disruptions.

What is covered by the retail insurance policy?

If you are an owner of a flower shop or a fashion chain or any type of retail stores, then it is essential that you must take out a retail insurance policy. You have worked hard and invested a lot of money on your retail insurance. Although it is more unlikely to happen, yet it is best to get yourself prepared for the worst things that could happen. A retail insurance policy can help in protecting your business against any possible risks.

Retail insurance is suitable for different types of retail stores. There are several policies that are available, although you can tailor made your policy so it can meet your business needs, most of these policies will cover the most essential areas.

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What are the key areas covered by a retail insurance policy?

Liability Insurance

If you are a shop owner, then the first thing that you need to consider should be your liability. This is composed of three categories including public, employer, and product liability.

Public liability insurance can protect the shop owner from claims made by any member of the public. Maybe it’s because of an injury or damage to property which is caused by your business. For instance, one of your customers accidentally slipped on a wet floor inside your shop. If you have a retail insurance policy, then this can cover the legal fees as well as compensation amount that will be awarded to the customer.

Correspondingly, the employer’s liability insurance can protect you against any claims made by your employees. Perhaps it is because of an injury or an illness that they obtained while they are working in your business.

Finally, product liability insurance is the protection that you need in the event that your products or services have caused an injury or damage to property.

Buildings Insurance

Typically, buildings insurance can cover the damages on your business premises. There are a lot of factors that can cause damages to your premises such as fire, flood, theft, vandalism, and others. This policy can cover the repair costs and even reconstruction costs in order to ensure that your premises can be restored in its original condition. With this cover, you can quickly resume trading as soon as possible.

Stock and Contents Insurance

Retail stores usually have a huge quantity of stocks and equipment inside their premises. In the event that any of this will be lost, stolen, or damaged, then it can be very devastating. If you only have a small retail store, then you will be struggling to get back on your feet. Including stock and contents cover in your retail insurance can help you get these items replaced quickly. Hence, your finances won’t be affected by these incidents.

Business Interruption Insurance

Unfortunate things such as fire, flood, or theft can happen anytime. When these things happen on your premises, then it can greatly affect your business operations as well as your sales. You can’t continue trading until such time that the damages have been repaired. Hence, this can lead to a loss of income. In order to prevent this, you should get a business interruption cover in order to protect your income.

Legal Protection

If you own a retail store, then you should be aware that it comes with great responsibility. Even how cautious you are, legal actions can still arise. Legal costs can be very expensive. However, if your retail insurance comes with legal protection, then these legal fees can be covered.

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