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Craft Fair Insurance Explained

Craft fair insurance is a must! Since craft fairs are not too risky, then its insurance premiums are not very expensive. Accidents can likely happen in craft fairs, hence, be sure that you are always covered.

Do you need craft fair insurance?

Typically, public liability insurance is not mandatory in the UK. However, it is quite popular in craft fairs and in any other types of businesses which consistently gets in contact with members of the public. This is essential when somebody sues your company for injury or damage to property which can possibly happen during craft fairs. With this insurance, you will be covered for your compensation costs.

Why you need Public Liability Insurance?

Public liability insurance is necessary if you truly care about your business. This can pay for the legal fees and compensation claims in case someone gets injured or their property gets damaged. Some people who sell goods in any type of events don’t consider this activity as a business. However, getting yourself covered can make you feel safe. Some insurers will offer public liability insurance together with product insurance, which is also important if you really want to fully protect your business.

Are you going to pay it annually or per event?

If you are planning to participate in several events throughout the year, then it is recommended that you should get an annual policy. In this way, you don’t have to worry about getting insurance on the next event. Most fairs and events will require their participants to obtain public liability insurance. Hence, getting an annual policy will be a much cheaper option in the long run, if you are planning to attend several events throughout the year.

However, if you are just starting to participate in events or if you are still observing if your new business venture will turn out ok, and you don’t have any intention of participating in any other fairs for the entire year then you can opt for a one day cover.

How much cover should you get?

The amount of your cover will likely depend on your business activities. Your insurance provider will advise you on the amount that is appropriate for your business.

Finding the Best Craft Fair Insurance

What will your craft fair insurance cover?

Having the right insurance cover is essential most especially if you are selling at craft fairs. Although the craft industry may only have a relatively low income, you may still require some standard coverage such as product liability insurance, public liability insurance, and employer’s liability insurance.

Public liability insurance is a crucial cover if you are participating in craft fairs. This can cover you in the event that a member of the public will file a claim against you due to some damage or injury blamed on your company. For instance, if somebody accidentally trips over on your stock and was badly hurt. They can file a claim against you and ask for some compensation for the damage. Most often injuries to a member of the public and damages to property can occur due to your own negligence or perhaps it is the fault of the event organizer.

Product liability insurance is another important cover for crafters.  It can cover you against claims filed by your client or any member of the public in case your product has caused damage or injury to them. Regardless if you are not the one who actually created the product, you can still be liable in some instances.

Employers’ liability insurance is crucial if you employ staff to assist you during the event. This policy can protect you in the event that a member of your staff got injured or have accidentally damaged property while they are doing their job at the fair.

What other types of craft fair insurance do you need?

Event equipment cover is another type of insurance that you might need to consider. During the craft fair, you’ll be using different types of equipment such as tables, chairs, lighting system, stalls, etc. With an event equipment cover, you are always assured that all your equipment is covered against theft, loss, and damage.

Event cancellation can cover your business if you are forced to cancel your craft fair due to unexpected events such as bad weather.

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