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As a counsellor, you will be regularly interacting with different clients. Since you are dealing with members of the public, then it would be a wise decision to protect your business with the right counselling insurance. This can prevent you against financial loss which may arise due to litigations. Regardless if your work does not directly involve physical contact, there are still chances that you will be blamed for doing something wrong.

In case the court decides that you are legally accountable for an injury, damage to property, or malpractice, then your business might be at risk. Counselling insurance can help you and your company if ever you will be facing a legal challenge. Getting insurance that is tailor-made for your business can provide you protection and peace of mind.

Where can I get Counselling Insurance?

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Finding the Best Counselling Insurance

Professional Treatment Liability Insurance for counsellors

As much as possible, you want to help your clients. However, even how much you’ve tried your best, there are still some clients who do not give importance to your work. The worse thing is they even take you to court due to your work. This is the reason why having professional treatment liability insurance is essential. This can help you save a lot of money. It can help you pay for defending yourself in court, paying for compensation costs as well as for settling a case.

This type of counselling insurance can protect you in the event that your client will claim that you have provided them with inaccurate advice or your therapy sessions have resulted in anxiety. You can also be sued by your client if it is proven that you’ve shared confidential information without their consent.

Public Liability Insurance for counsellors

What if your counselling business has caused injuries or damage to property to your client or any member of the public? When this happens, it could result in serious consequences.  That is why having public liability insurance for therapists is very handy. It can help you pay for the cost of defending yourself or settling a legal case in the event that these incidents will occur.

Public liability insurance can cover your business in case your client or a member of the public trip over on a wet floor and obtain injuries while they are on your premises. It can also protect you against damage to property caused by your business. For instance, you have broken an expensive figurine or any work of art while you are providing services on your client’s home.

Accidents can happen anytime. For instance, you or your employee could meet a car accident while working. When this happens, your business could be held liable.

Employers’ Liability Insurance for counsellors

Do you employ staff in your counselling business? If so, then there’s always a possibility that they could get injured or ill while working in your company. When this occurs, your staff could file a lawsuit against you and will seek compensation. If they found out that you have violated health and safety regulations, then you could be sued.

With an employers’ liability insurance, you and your business can be covered when these incidents will occur. It can pay for the cost of defending yourself and for settling the legal case. Keep in mind that this type of counselling insurance can only cover your staff, it won’t be able to cover you personally.

Should you get both Public Liability and Employers’ Liability insurance?

If you have one or more employees in your business, then you are legally required to get an employers’ liability insurance. On the other hand, Public Liability insurance is not actually a legal requirement. However, if you provide service to the members of the public, then this type of counselling insurance is something that you need to consider. Take note that your staff will not be covered by public liability insurance.

What are other types of counselling insurance that are essential for your business?

Office Insurance

If you are a counselling business owner, then it is important that you should protect your office space. In case unforeseen accidents can result in damage to your office furniture and equipment, then it will be very difficult for you to continue operating your business. This is why you need office insurance.

Personal Accident Insurance

Personal accident insurance can help your business in the event that you or a key employee cannot work due to a serious injury. The sudden loss of a key employee can create a damaging effect to your business. But having a personal accident insurance can help in protecting your business against financial loss. It can provide you a lump sum or a weekly amount.

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