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Cleaning Company Insurance Explained

With cleaning business insurance, you can always keep your business unblemished. Nowadays, cleaning services are a common option for most modern families. Due to the demands of their work, they only have little time in taking care of their house. Consequently, several schools and businesses greatly depend on these cleaners when it comes to keeping their premises clean and orderly every day.

Whether you are working by yourself or you have a team of cleaners, cleaning insurance is very valuable to your cleaning business.

Where can I get Cleaning Company Insurance?

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Why cleaning insurance is essential?

Your clients put their trust in you. They know that they can rely on you to take care of their expensive things around the house. That is why when unfortunate things can happen, such as using the wrong cleaning product, it can be a total disaster. Having a relevant cover can protect you against those angry faces. Cleaning insurance can cover the cost of injuries and damage resulting from your cleaning job.

What can be covered by cleaning business insurance?

Even if you consider yourself an expert cleaner, mistakes can still happen from time to time. This is just logical since we are just humans. And as humans, we tend to make mistakes because we are not perfect. With the right cleaning insurance policy, you can always guarantee that you are always covered from any unfortunate events that can occur anytime.

Generally, liability insurance for cleaning business is a must for any entrepreneur who is in the cleaning industry. Typically, this is composed of two categories.

Employer’s Liability Insurance

Just like any other type of business who have employees, a cleaning business also requires an employer’s liability insurance. This can protect you and your employees from any misfortunes that might occur while you are working.

This cover is extremely necessary most especially if you are assigned to clean hazardous equipment and machinery. Or perhaps your job is quite risky such as cleaning windows. Nevertheless, if you are on your own, then an employer’s liability insurance might not be essential for you.

Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance is equally important to your cleaning business. A shiny floor can easily pose a threat to any customer, passerby, or any member of the public. No matter how careful you are, you can’t always prevent an antique figurine from getting shattered. If you don’t have public liability insurance, then you’ll have to work overtime in order to pay for the damage costs of a simple disaster.

Finding the Best Cleaning Company Insurance

Is it necessary that you should get both public liability and employers’ liability insurance?

If your cleaning business has one or more employees, then you are legally required to get an employer’s liability insurance. On the other hand, public liability insurance is not mandatory, however, most businesses choose to have this type of cover because it is essential for their business especially if they are serving members of the public. Keep in mind that public liability insurance will not cover your employees.

What other additional coverage can you avail?

Aside from liability insurance, most insurance providers offer a variety of cover that is very helpful in other situations. For instance, failing to protect the client’s premises, accidental loss of your client’s keys, and others. However, keep in mind that these features are not standard. Hence, it would be worthwhile to check what is included in your policy so you can add the extras that you need.

Some insurers also offer a cover that could protect the equipment used by a cleaning business. This can cover essential tools such as vacuum cleaners, floor buffers, etc. This equipment is crucial to your cleaning job and replacing them can be very expensive. If your cleaning business uses different types of cleaning tools, then this would be an excellent addition to your policy.

How to find the cleaning business insurance that’s right for you?

The cost of cleaning business insurance may vary, most likely it will depend on the nature of your business. For instance, the cost of a house cleaning business insurance may vary from that of a window cleaning business insurance. The coverage of a window cleaning business also differs from a housing cleaning business. Whether you are an owner of a domestic cleaning business or a commercial cleaning business, there are many insurers which offer insurance policies that may be suitable for you.

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