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Carpet Cleaning Insurance Explained

Having a carpet cleaning business can be very rewarding. You have the choice to either choose residential or commercial clients. As a carpet cleaner, you are liable for cleaning their carpets and rugs thoroughly using the most advanced carpet cleaning equipment. Since you have a huge responsibility in your hand, then you can’t prevent any potential risks that might occur. For instance, what if you destroyed their carpet while cleaning them, or perhaps your equipment suddenly broke down, or maybe you’ve met an accident while driving your business vehicle. By taking out carpet cleaning insurance policies, you can provide protection to your business against these unforeseen circumstances.

Business insurance is considered as one of the most significant investments for any carpet cleaning business. Having the right insurance can cover your carpet cleaning equipment, your premises, as well as help you comply with the requirements needed before signing any new contracts.

Where can I get Carpet Cleaning Insurance?

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Why you need Carpet Cleaning Insurance?

As a professional carpet cleaner, it is your duty to maintain the cleanliness of your client’s floor coverings and soft furnishing. The professional cleaning service provided by your company is excellent and unique. In fact, the level of your maintenance cannot be replaced by just regular vacuuming and using simple cleaning machines. If you require superior carpet cleaning services, then it should be done by the experts who are highly trained for this. This is the same characteristics that you should seek when you are looking for an insurer.

With professional carpet cleaning services, you are exposed to a variety of risks. For instance, the carpets might be damaged due to the solvents, compounds, and other chemicals that you use for cleaning them. You also need to drive to and from your client’s residence which is an additional risk on your part. But no need to worry since every risk can be covered by the right insurance policies.

The insurance needs of your company may not be the same as other carpet cleaning service companies. It’s because it will depend on the size of your business, the place where you operate your business, as well as the particular services that you provide to your customers. You need to choose your insurance policies carefully to make sure that it fits your business.

Finding the Best Carpet Cleaning Insurance

What types of Carpet Cleaning Insurance should you get?

There are various types of carpet cleaning insurance that you can choose from that can protect your business against any liabilities and lawsuits. Each of these policies can cover a unique type of risk. Hence, it is ideal to choose carpet cleaning insurance policies depending on your specific needs and risks.

Carpet Cleaning Public Liability Insurance

If you are running a carpet cleaning business, then you should take out public liability insurance. This can protect you and your business in the event that your customer or any member of the public gets injured and you are held responsible for it. Carpet cleaning liability insurance can cover different types of circumstances.

For instance, if you unintentionally damage your client’s properties such as an expensive figurine or any other piece of art. Or if you accidentally hurt a member of the public such as when somebody tripped over on the cleaning products that you left on the floor.

Carpet Cleaning Employers’ Liability Insurance

Do you have employees working for you in your carpet cleaning business? If this is the case, then there are chances that they could get injured or ill while working on their jobs. When this happens, they could sue you and ask for compensation from you.

Employer’s liability insurance can protect you when this type of circumstance will occur. Having the right level can cover you when they decide to take legal action. It will pay for defending yourself as well as the compensation that will be awarded to your staff. Keep in mind that this type of insurance can only cover your employees. It won’t be able to cover you personally.

Carpet Cleaning Professional Indemnity Insurance

Carpet cleaning business does not only consist of cleaning carpet and rugs. Sometimes you will also provide expert advice to your client. For instance, they might ask advice on how to restore an antique carpet. However, regardless if you are well experienced and skilled in your profession, you can still make mistakes. When this occurs, your customer might hold you liable.

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