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Shop Insurance Explained

If you are an owner of a shop, then it is essential that you must get the right insurance for your business. Whether you are a retailer or you own a flower shop, you should get business insurance in order to safeguard your stocks as well as your shop. As a shop owner, you will be facing greater risks such as theft, floods, and other disasters. That is why it is essential that you should have the right business insurance in place.

Why you need shop insurance?

Every business is unique. A shop owner who sells toys does not have the same insurance as the one who repairs shoes. However, you can tailor-make your insurance so it can fit your business needs. When choosing the best insurance for your business, there are a lot of things that you must consider. If you have stocks stored in your shop or home, then you might want a cover that can protect your products against theft or damage. You can also protect your goods even if they are sent through a courier or by post. If you rent or own a shop, then you can protect your business against damage to stocks or buildings caused by fire or flood.

Where can I get Shop insurance?

We recommend using Simply Business they are rated 4.7/5 on Feefo and have over 800,000 insurance policies in the UK. They compare many different providers so you can find the insurance cover that is right for your shop.

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What does your shop insurance include?

Every business has each own specific risk, however, there are a few essential elements that you can include in your shop insurance. Whether you are doing your business on the high streets or online, there is always business insurance just for you. There is a wide range of business insurance for retailers that you can choose from whether you are the owner of a coffee shop or beauty shop, or you are a home-based retailer. You have the freedom to choose the cover that meets your needs. Wouldn’t it be great to have a cover that’s just right for your business?

Finding the Best Shop Insurance

What can you include in your shop insurance?

As a shop owner, there is a wide range of insurance products that you can buy.

Public Liability Insurance

An essential cover that should be considered by shop owners is public liability insurance. This can cover your shop against any damages or compensations costs in case a member of the public got injured or their property was damaged and it was the fault of your shop. Even if it is just a minor accident like a slip on the wet floor, it might cause someone to break their wrist. Remember that you are responsible for the wellbeing of your clients, visitors, or any member of the public. Although this is not a legal requirement, yet it is very valuable when unexpected accidents will happen. When a third-party will file a claim, public liability can cover the cost for legal fees and compensation costs.

Employers’ Liability Insurance

If you have employees in your shop, then you must purchase employers’ liability insurance since this is a legal requirement. This is essential if one of your employees gets injured or suffered from an illness while working in your company. It can pay for the compensation costs in case a claim is filed by the employee. It can cover casual workers, temporary employees, and even contractors.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

This is an essential cover for any shop owner since it can protect your business from any claims of negligence. Most often this can result in dissatisfied customers. It can cover losses from your customers caused by erroneous service, designs, calculations, reports, or plans provided by your company. Keep in mind that it will cover losses which resulted from manual work. If your shop provides advice, designs, and any other types of expertise, then you should buy professional indemnity cover. This can protect you anytime in the event that you have a customer who is not happy with your service since he believes that you were negligent.

Product Liability Insurance

This can cover your shop in the event that your product caused injury or illness to someone. Product liability insurance can cover your company against any claims made by a member of the public in relation to the product that you sold or distributed. This policy can cover the legal fees as well as the compensation costs. It’s worth remembering that you can still be liable even if you are not the one who manufactured the product.

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