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Pet Business Insurance Explained

Pet business insurance can protect several pet businesses whether they are dog walkers, pet groomers, pet sitters, breeders, kennels, catteries, or clubs. Some pet businesses are also engaged in multiple trades. They operate a pet daycare service and at the same time, they also provide dog grooming services.

Why do you need pet business insurance?

As a pet business owner, you pay a great deal of attention to your work. In fact, it becomes your passion rather than your job. But no matter how careful you are, some things can still go wrong. Pet business insurance can provide protection to lots of pet businesses. This can secure your livelihood and help you get back on your feet again in case misfortunes can happen.

Where can I get Pet Business Insurance?

We recommend using Simply Business they are rated 4.7/5 on Feefo and have over 800,000 insurance policies in the UK. They compare many different providers so you can find the insurance cover that is right for your pet business.

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What can pet business insurance cover?

The first thing that you need to think about should be the members of the public. Hence, it is a must that as a pet business owner you should have public liability insurance. This is important coverage for businesses who always get in contact with members of the public. Other coverages that you might consider are employers’ liability insurance, business equipment insurance, buildings insurance, personal accident insurance, and others. You can choose the one which is more suitable for your pet business.

Finding the Best Pet Business Insurance

What should be included in your pet business insurance?

Public liability insurance can cover your business in the event that somebody will file a claim for the injury or damage to property caused by your pet business. Public liability insurance can pay for the legal expenses and compensation costs. For instance, your mobile dog groomer accidentally damaged the client’s expensive carpet while doing his job in the client’s residence. In the event that the client will file a claim, this policy can cover the legal fees as well as compensation costs.

Most often, compensation claims can cost a lot. That is why, when getting a policy, you should consider what type of claim might be filed against your business. In deciding the level of your cover, think about the severity of the damage or injury that can possibly occur.

Employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement if you employ staff in your pet business. In the event that it is needed in a particular situation and you don’t have it, then you will be required to pay a fine of £2,500 each day. This can cover any of your employees who get ill or injured while working in your pet business.

Buildings insurance is your responsibility if you own your premises. However, if you are renting your place, then it will be the landlord’s responsibility to acquire buildings insurance. This policy can cover the cost of repairs or reconstruction of the damaged structure. Most often, it can also cover the fixtures and fittings of your premises such as the curtains, blinds, carpets, etc. If you are operating a pet shop or a pet grooming parlour, then you can include your shop front on the cover of your insurance policy.

Business equipment insurance is a must for pet business owners who uses some specialist equipment. For instance, dog groomers use special kinds of hoovers and brushes in accomplishing their job. On the other hand, pet sitters use specific types of equipment when dealing with different types of animals. However, if something bad will happen to this equipment, for instance, they are lost, damaged, or stolen, then you won’t be able to continue operating your pet business. But with an insurance policy in place, you can quickly get back on track. It can help you recover from this minor delay quickly and with minimal interruption.

Contents insurance and stock insurance are essential for those pet businesses which have premises. By getting a policy for your contents and stock, you can be covered in case these things are stolen, lost, or damaged. This can pay for the repairs and the replacements so you can continue operating your business.

Personal accident insurance is very useful for those who are running a mobile pet business. Since you will spend most of your time visiting your clients, then most likely you will be facing greater risks. You might need to pay a lot when accidents happen. Personal accident insurance can pay for the treatment of your injuries. It can even cover death as long as the incident occurred while working in your business.

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