WeSwap Travel Money – Foreign Currency Exchange Rate

WeSwap Travel Money Service

WeSwap offer a Travel Money Card. Simply sign up, fund your account, and you’re ready to spend anywhere in the globe!

Your WeSwap card can be used quickly in more than 180 countries, wherever you are travelling. wherever the Mastercard logo is shown.

Their app, which was created by and for travellers, allows you to track your spending, send money to other WeSwap users, and more.

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After downloading the app and registering, follow the instructions to create or confirm your account. It should just take two to three minutes.

Once validated, you must first load your account; after that, you can order the card from the “Cards” tab; it won’t be delivered automatically.

The card ought to show up in 3-5 business days. Keep an eye out for your card because it will be in a simple windowed envelope without any WeSwap branding. This is for security reasons.

You can use your account immediately without having to wait for your travel money card. When it does, you can load and swap while you wait. You can immediately use your card. While you wait for your real card to be delivered, you can also choose to order a virtual card.

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