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Travelex Travel Money Service

It’s simple to pick up your travel money from Travelex because they have over 49 sites throughout retail areas, ports, and airports including Heathrow. Alternatively, your travel will be sent to your door. Order by 3pm for next-day delivery to your home. nice and easy

Travelex make receiving your travel money easy so that you have one less thing to worry about before your upcoming international vacation.

You may lock in our best rate of the day by simply ordering your currency from Travelex online. They have all of your travel money needs covered, from dollars to euros to Omani Rials to Czech korunas.

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How to Purchase Travelex Travel Money

Currency purchases through Travelex are simple. You can purchase currency online or at a Travelex location, which has locations in many airports and cities all around the world. The procedure for purchasing currencies both online and in physical stores is the same:

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