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In 1998, Scottish Hydro and Southern Electric merged to form Scottish and Southern Energy which became UK’s largest base energy company. Although, they are well known as an energy supplier, in 2003, SSE began selling home phone services and in 2008 they offer broadband services. There are a lot of broadband and home phone packages offered by SSE. You can choose from basic plans to fibre optic plans with superfast speeds. Regardless what package you choose, you will be provided with the equipment you need. This includes a free wireless router as well as a subscription to an internet security package that features anti-virus, firewall, and even parental controls.

Subscribers of broadband packages from SSE can enjoy the following benefits when watching events at The SSE Arena, Wembley Arena, and The SSE Hydro in Glasgow:

  • They will be provided with an upgrade to SSE lounges.
  • Customers can also avail special prizes and exclusive competitions.
  • SSE customers will have exclusive access to events tickets 48 hours before they are released to the public.

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Guide to SSE Broadband Deals

SSE Unlimited Broadband

This is SSE’s standard broadband package. It has an average download speed of 11Mb. A simple, dependable broadband plan that provides you with unlimited downloading. Perfect for your daily internet needs. If you are using the internet for browsing, watching movies or communicating with your friends or relatives online then this is the ideal plan for you.

SSE Unlmited Fibre

An entry level fibre package that gives you an average download speed of 35Mb. This high speed fibre optic broadband is unlimited. This means that you can download large files, stream movies, or play online games anytime.

SSE Unlmited Fibre Plus

This is the fastest fibre broadband package offered by SSE. It gives you an average download speed of 63Mb. An ideal package if there are a lot of people in your household who are using the internet simultaneously. Gives you unlimited downloads and enables you to watch HD films while others are downloading large files.

All of these packages have 18-month contracts with a fixed price. Additionally, it includes line rental. For customers who don’t have Openreach (BT exchange) telephone lines, they’ll have to pay an additional cost of £60 for the installation. However, if you are located in areas where SSE use their own equipment, then you only have to pay £36.91.

These deals provide their customers with unlimited usage. This means that you can download and upload anytime as much as you want. Even if SSE is using a traffic management policy in order to slow down the connections of those who are excessively using the services, it won’t affect everyone. This is because the main concern of the policy is the peer-to-peer file sharing traffic. Additionally, it gives more significance to relevant traffic such as video calls, online gaming as well as basic browsing.

Keep in mind that there are different factors that can affect the speed of your internet. For instance, the time of the day that you were accessing the internet. Most likely, you can experience slower speeds at peak times such as during the nighttime when there are many people who are using the internet. The wiring in your home is also another factor that you have to consider. Are you located near the telephone exchange or cabinet? Keep in mind that if you are located farther away from the nearest exchange, then the speed of your internet will get slower.

Why Should You Choose SSE Broadband?

Average download speeds at SSE broadband starts at 11Mb for standard broadband, while Unlimited Fibre and Unlimited Fibre Plus have a download speed of 35Mb and 63Mb respectively. Within the 18-month contract, you can enjoy a fixed price guarantee without any significant modifications on its VAT or any other types of tax or levy.

With unlimited monthly usage, you can stream or download as much as you want. To make sure that your internet runs smoothly, SSE applies traffic management and fair usage policies. Activation is free, except if you need a new line installation which requires you to pay an amount of £60 or £36.91 for LLU line conversion.

You are covered with SSE Internet Security Suite free good for 18 months. Uses high-performance 802.11ac wireless router which features dual 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies.

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