Natwest Travel Money – Foreign Currency Exchange Rate

Natwest provide more than 70 different currencies for sale online, including the US dollar, Danish Krone, euro, and UAE Dirhams. Pick up your currency at a branch of Eurochange, Natwest’s travel money provider. Alternatively, theymay deliver your item safely and at home for added convenience. Delivery is free for purchases above £500; otherwise, a delivery charge of £5 is charged.

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Todays Natwest Exchange Rates (27/05/2024)
CurrencyExchange Rate£750 BuysBuy Now
Euros1.1334850.05Home Delivery Click & Collect
US Dollars1.2268920.10Home Delivery Click & Collect
Turkish Lira36.76627,574.50Home Delivery Click & Collect
Japanese Yen183.048137,285.85Home Delivery Click & Collect
Australian Dollars1.87251,404.37Home Delivery Click & Collect
Thai Baht43.6532,737.50Home Delivery Click & Collect
UAE Dirham4.4543,340.50Home Delivery Click & Collect
Canadian Dollars1.65181,238.85Home Delivery Click & Collect
Polish Zloty4.7643,573.00Home Delivery Click & Collect
Kuwaiti Dinars0.3669275.17Home Delivery Click & Collect
Bahrain Dinar0.4543340.72Home Delivery Click & Collect
Omani Rial0.4642348.15Home Delivery Click & Collect
Jordan Dinar0.8448633.60Home Delivery Click & Collect
Swiss Francs1.07802.50Home Delivery Click & Collect
Brunei Dollar1.5871,190.25Home Delivery Click & Collect
Singapore Dollars1.6241,218.00Home Delivery Click & Collect
New Zealand Dollar1.9751,481.25Home Delivery Click & Collect
Bulgarian Lev2.1421,606.50Home Delivery Click & Collect
Barbados Dollar2.3781,783.50Home Delivery Click & Collect
Fiji Dollar2.5711,928.25Home Delivery Click & Collect
East Caribbean Dollar3.1362,352.00Home Delivery Click & Collect
Peru Nuevos Sol4.4033,302.25Home Delivery Click & Collect
Saudi Riyal4.5333,399.75Home Delivery Click & Collect
Romanian Leu5.3854,038.75Home Delivery Click & Collect
Malaysian Ringgit5.724,290.00Home Delivery Click & Collect
Brazilian Real5.73454,300.87Home Delivery Click & Collect
Danish Krona8.3636,272.25Home Delivery Click & Collect
Chinese Yuan8.626,465.00Home Delivery Click & Collect
Hong Kong Dollars9.47067,102.95Home Delivery Click & Collect
Morocco Dirham10.1567,617.00Home Delivery Click & Collect
Swedish Krona12.53129,398.40Home Delivery Click & Collect
Norwegian Krone12.769,570.00Home Delivery Click & Collect
Mexican Peso20.193615,145.20Home Delivery Click & Collect
South African Rand23.287917,465.93Home Delivery Click & Collect
Czech Koruna27.735120,801.32Home Delivery Click & Collect
Egyptian Pound34.0525,537.50Home Delivery Click & Collect
Taiwan Dollar36.527,375.00Home Delivery Click & Collect
Mauritian Rupee53.9840,485.00Home Delivery Click & Collect
Phillipino Peso64.8848,660.00Home Delivery Click & Collect
Dominican Republic Peso68.9251,690.00Home Delivery Click & Collect
India Rupee94.808871,106.60Home Delivery Click & Collect
Icelandic Krona162.624121,967.78Home Delivery Click & Collect
Kenyan Shilling171.315128,486.25Home Delivery Click & Collect
Jamaican Dollar184.2138,150.00Home Delivery Click & Collect
Hungarian Forint422.528316,896.22Home Delivery Click & Collect
Costa Rica Colon597.52448,140.01Home Delivery Click & Collect
Chilean Peso1126.97845,227.48Home Delivery Click & Collect
South Korea Won15631,172,249.91Home Delivery Click & Collect
Colombia Peso4442.363,331,769.53Home Delivery Click & Collect
Indonesian Rupiah1811713,587,744.14Home Delivery Click & Collect
Vietnam Dong27878.120,908,604.00Home Delivery Click & Collect

Natwest Travel Money Service

Natwest maintain simplicity. No hidden fees or commissions are involved. Just place the necessary online order. Take advantage of next-day home delivery or Click and Collect at one of their branches of their travel money supplier, Eurochange.

When ordered before 2:30 p.m. the day prior, next-day delivery is possible. Orders placed on a Saturday will be delivered on the Monday after. Delivery is free for purchases above £500; otherwise, a delivery charge of £5 is charged.

What are Natwest Travel Money Delivery fees?

Eurochange is a partner in the operation of Natwests travel money service. The Travel Money ordering website and the Travel Money services we provide are under the responsibility of Eurochange, who is also the data controller.

Natwest Will Buy Back Your Leftover Currency

Discovered some old notes while unpacking your bag? You can visit one NatWest’s branches if you are a customer, and they will purchase back your foreign currency and credit the GBP amount right to your bank account.

Other Travel Money Information

Call their team at 0330 174 8523 if you prefer to order your currency over the phone or if you have any concerns regarding their travel money service (Relay UK 18001 0330 174 8523).

Calls can be made from Monday through Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm and from Sunday from 11 am to 4 pm (except bank holidays).

Can I modify Natwest’s Travel Money delivery date?

Unfortunately, once your order has been placed, the date of your delivery cannot be altered.

Please call their team at 0330 174 8523 if you require any assistance (Relay UK 18001 0330 174 8523). Monday through Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm, and on Sunday from 11 am to 4 pm, lines are open.

What identification do I need to pick up my travel money?

Only the branches of Eurochange are available for collection. Orders cannot be picked up from NatWest branches, so please be aware of that.

Please bring the following items when picking up your order from one of the Eurochange branches:

1. the utilised credit card. (Note that there is no additional fee for a PIN verification; Eurochange reserves the right to PIN authenticate the payment card through the till.)

2. Your order’s confirmation email

3. a passport, a photo ID card, a driver’s licence, or a national ID card

The only types of identification that Eurochange can take are those that are stated, and we are unable to release orders to anyone other than the cardholder.

Can I place an online order?

Can I order on the mobile app? Yes, please visit their website for further information on how to do so using their travel money provider Eurochange (opens in a new window).

Can I place a phone order?

Yes. Please call them on the number shown below if you would prefer to order travel money over the phone, and a member of our team will be pleased to help.

03301 748 523. Calls can be made from 9:00 a.m. to 17:00 p.m. on weekdays and from 11:00 a.m. to 16:00 p.m.

Can I place a simultaneous order for more than one currency?

Yes, you can order as many foreign currencies as you’d like.

How much travel money can I order online?

A minimum order amount of £200 and a daily maximum order amount of £2500 apply to all Travel Money orders.

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