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About EE Broadband

EE is considered as the biggest and the most advanced digital communications company. They are part of a larger company known as the BT Group. EE has the largest 4G mobile network in the UK. They have more or less 553 retail stores located in different parts of Britain.

EE provides superfast broadband and has already installed over 31 million connections. All EE broadband packages include unlimited data which comes as a standard. If you are an EE broadband subscriber, then you can also enjoy an additional 5GB of mobile data every month for free.

EE offers two types of broadband – ADSL Broadband and Fibre Optic Broadband. You can either subscribe to EE Standard broadband, EE Fibre broadband, EE Fibre Plus broadband, or EE Fibre Max broadband plans.

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However, you can only subscribe to a Fibre or Fibre Plus broadband plan, if you are living near an EE Fibre Broadband network area. This plan is readily available to more than 27.4m homes and business establishments all over the UK. On the other hand, the EE Fibre Max broadband plans use the latest technology also referred to as “”. Hence, if you are interested in subscribing to these plans, then your home or business establishment must be located in an area which is enabled.

Additionally, you must have an EE phone line so you will be able to connect to EE’s router wirelessly. Moreover, your desktop and other device or adapter must also be wirelessly enabled so you can connect to an EE broadband.

Guide to EE Broadband Deals 

Minimum Subscription Period

All EE Broadband plans including Fibre, Fibre Plus, and Fibre Max broadband plans, as well as some of EE Standard broadband plans, come with an 18-month minimum subscription period. But for EE Standard broadband, you can avail the 12-month minimum subscription period.

Also, every EE broadband plan comes with an unlimited data allowance which can be availed by consumers as well as clients from small businesses who are using the internet service either at home or at business premises.

Monthly Charges

Perhaps you might be wondering why you can only see a single monthly charge on your bill. Well, it’s because the line rental payment of £19 for your EE broadband plan is already included in your monthly charges. Most likely, your monthly bill will be delivered to you online. However, take note that you will be required to pay some additional charges if you won’t be able to pay on your due date.

If you are a new subscriber, then it will take up to 30 days before your EE broadband plan will be fully installed. This includes the installation of your telephone line.

ADSL Broadband

EE ADSL broadband is also referred to as the standard broadband. In the UK, this is the most popular type of broadband at the moment. It can reach a speed of up to 17Mb/sec. It is also easy to obtain since it is commonly available anywhere in the UK.

Standard copper telephone cables are being used in installing ADSL broadband. This means that if you are far from your local telephone exchange, then most likely you will receive a slower speed.

Subscribers of any unlimited Broadband plans who are located within EE’s network area will be able to enjoy an unlimited data allowance.  So, you won’t have to worry about any additional costs or usage caps while you are browsing, downloading or streaming videos.

EE Standard Broadband plan costs £21 per month within the 18-month subscription. This amount already includes the line rental charges of £19. Your monthly bill also comes with an £11 discount. But after 18 months, you will be charged with £32 a month. Take note that prices are subject to changes during your plan.

Fibre Optic Broadband

EE Fibre Broadband is ideal for large families where most of its members are always streaming and downloading videos in various devices. Even if you have multiple devices in your home, you can connect them all at once.

There are two types of EE Fibre Broadband plans that you can choose from. The first one has a download speed of up to 38Mb/sec. This is approximately three times faster compared to the standard broadband. If you need something faster, then you can avail the second plan which has a speed of 76Mb/sec. This is about seven times faster compared to the standard broadband. Before any of these plans can be installed in your home, you must first verify the speed that is available in your area.

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