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As parents, you want your children to develop good traits. Most parents want their children to develop intelligence. Obviously, you want your children to be smart. That is why you want to choose the best school and the best teachers for them. But keep in mind that as parents there is something that you can do in order to develop your children’s intelligence. All you need to do is to incorporate books into their lives.

There is no doubt that the reading skills of your child can greatly affect his success in school, work, and in his entire life. If you want to ensure the success of your children, then you must read to them starting at an early age.

Advantages of Reading To Your Children

It is important that you should spend some time reading to your kids. Children aged between 2 and 5 years old must be exposed to reading. Exposing your kids to books at an early age has a lot of benefits and here are some of them.

Builds Strong Relationship

As your child grows, he will become more active, running, playing, and exploring new things. Reading a book can slow things down. It can make you recall those times when he was still a baby and you were cuddling with each other. Reading should not be considered as a chore or a task, rather it should be regarded as a nurturing activity that can make you closer together.

If you want to create a stronger relationship with your children, then you have to read to your children on a regular basis. One of the best things that you can do to encourage their development is to spend some time with them. Reading to your children gives you the chance to have a shared event that both of you can look forward to. Your children will trust that you will be there for them and spend time with them. Trust is very valuable to small children.

Aside from bonding, reading to your children can also provide them with a feeling of intimacy and well-being. Having a sense of intimacy can help your children feel closer to you. Additionally, the love and attention that they feel can inspire positive growth and development.

Although babies may not be able to fully understand what you are saying as you read to them, however, it can provide some nourishing and reassurance. Babies, most especially the very young ones, love to hear voices that are familiar to them, and reading is the best form of connection.

It is essential that you must have a scheduled time to read to your kids. If you can do this regularly, then you are providing something constant that they can always look forward to. Reading aloud together with your child is a wonderful shared activity that gives both of you something to talk about. In return, it can help in developing your child’s reading and writing skills.

According to ReadBrightly.com, reading together with your children can also be used in discussing true to life experiences and issues. Reading books can help you discuss a lot of different topics. It can expose them to various subjects and concepts, helping them to understand humanity as well as the world around them.

Develops Academic Excellence

One of the greatest advantages of reading to your children at an early age is they can develop higher learning capability. Based on several studies, when students are exposed to early reading, they will excel in different aspects of formal education. Ultimately, when students are having difficulties in putting up words and sentences, then most likely they will also be having a difficult time understanding the different concepts on science, math, and social. This will become evident when they enter elementary school.

Reading to your children gives you the chance to communicate with your children one-on-one. According to PBS.org, studies have revealed that when there are more words introduced to the child’s world, then he will learn more words. Consequently, they will have powerful language skills by the time that they enter kindergarten. When they are well-prepared for reading, then they can read better and most likely they can graduate from high school.

Based on the study conducted by the University of Michigan, there are five essential reading skills that are needed for their development. These are vocabulary,  phonics,  reading comprehension, phonemic awareness, and oral reading fluency.

Vocabulary incorporates the words that they need to know so they can communicate effectively. Phonics is the ability to connect the letters with the sounds of language. Reading comprehension is the ability to understand what has been read. Phonemic awareness is the ability to recognize, listen, and play with the sounds coming from spoken words. Oral reading fluency is the ability to read text precisely and instantly.

Although, your children will be able to experience these skills when they enter elementary school, yet reading to them during infancy can help them jumpstart their reading abilities. When you read to them during their toddler years, they will learn some vocabulary,  phonemic awareness,  as well as reading comprehension but not so much with phonics and oral reading fluency. These are important when they start interacting with other people and the world around them.

Learns The Right Way of Reading A Book

When children are exposed to reading during their early years, then they will obtain the necessary pre-reading skills such as reading the text from left to right. This is one of the major reasons why early reading is essential.

Learns Basic Speech Skills

The toddler and preschool years of your children are critical since this is the time that they start learning language and pronunciation. When you read to your children, they will listen to you and recognize the sounds that form language. Most likely, by the time that he will attend preschool, he will start sounding out the words that he learned.

Becomes A Master of Languages

Children who are exposed to early reading will likely have a better understanding of the fundamentals of language as they start going to school

Reading to your children while they were young can help them in acquiring language and literacy skills. This is because it can stimulate the area of the brain that is responsible for language, social, and literacy skills. In fact, according to TIME.com, a new brain scan study revealed that reading to your children at an early age is associated with brain activation most especially in areas related to language skills and visual imagery.

This is very important most especially that the American Academy of Pediatrics revealed that more than one in three children in the U.S. enters kindergarten without the knowledge that they require for learning to read. In fact, almost two-thirds of children are not capable of reading proficiently after entering the third grade.

Moreover, your children may learn vocabulary and language from the things that they hear around them, however auditory learning from reading is different. It is beneficial since it includes the language of books, which is different from the language that they hear in their everyday life. Book language is more expressive and detailed. Most likely, they use more precise grammatical structures.

Improves Communication Skills

When you spend time reading to your children at an early age, then most likely, they can express themselves better and relate with others properly. This is because they have observed the interactions of the characters in the stories that they read. They will also remember your contact with them as you read them a book.  This is beneficial to your children since they will gain valuable communication skills.

Promotes Logical Thinking Skills

One of the reasons why reading to your children is important is it can help them develop the ability to perceive abstract ideas, identify cause and effect, understand good judgment and be able to use logic in different situations. When your toddler or preschooler starts to associate the various situations that they have read in books to the current situation, they will feel more excited about the stories that both of you will share.

Supports Cognitive Development

It is proven that reading to young children can help in improving their cognitive development. Cognitive development arises when the child has the capability to think and understand. According to HealthofChildren.com, cognitive development is the creation of thought processes such as making decisions, solving problems, as well as remembering things. This is very significant starting from childhood throughout adolescence and adulthood.

Cognitive development eventually refers to how children recognize and think about their world. This involves various aspects including rationalizing, aptitude, information processing, remembering, and language development. When you start reading to your children, it can give them some ideas about the world. It can help them understand what they hear, see, and read. The fact is, most educators and researchers believe that it is the voice that is used in reading that makes it powerful. This can help the child connect the story to his own life. Incorporating reading into your child’s life as well as the conversations that it indicates can help them in making sense about their own lives, most especially while they are still at a young age.

When parents read more to their children, it can help the child build more vocabulary. It can help them understand more about the world as well as their place in it. At the same time, helping their cognitive development and perception.

Promote An Enduring Love Of Reading

Jim Trelease, the author of The Read-Aloud Handbook, says that each time you read to your child, it gives pleasure to the child. As a result, the child will correlate books with pleasure. The association between pleasure and reading is vital for the success of your child as he grows. According to Brian Tracy, a personal development coach, the ability of the child to develop his mind and strive for lasting learning are crucial to his success. You need to learn in order to succeed.

The key to lasting learning is reading. Hence, if you can introduce the love of reading during your child’s early years, then surely they will commit themselves to lifelong learning. Reading introduces books as the best sources for valuable, pleasant, and stimulating experiences. Children who appreciate books are likely the ones who are excited to read on their own. Ultimately, they will continue to do so for the rest of their lives.

Recognizes That Reading Is Fun

Exposing your children to early reading will make them understand that books are not a chore but an indulgence. When you expose your kids to reading, then most likely they will prefer books rather than television, video games, and other types of entertainment as they become older.

Intensifies Concentration and Discipline

At the start, your child might not pay attention during storytime, but ultimately, they will learn to focus as you continue to read the book. Aside from developing reading comprehension, they will also develop better memory retention, greater self-discipline, as well as prolonged focus. All of these will be beneficial to your child as he starts to enter school.

Enhances Imagination and Creativity

It is only natural for young children to use their imagination and dream big. By reading to your children, they can use their imagination to explore different places, people, periods, and events that are beyond their experiences. When reading is used as an imaginative activity then it can help your child discover new worlds.

Praises New Experiences

When there are situations wherein your child is feeling a bit stressed, the best way to ease the tension is to share with him a relevant story that is related to the current situation. For instance, when your child feels nervous about his first day in school, then read him a story that deals with the same situation. In this way, he will feel that it is normal to feel worried.

Books provide a lot of benefits to your toddlers and preschoolers. As parents, one of the most important things that you can do to your children is to read to them. This can prepare them as they start to enter school since it can give them a good foundation for academic excellence.

The benefits of reading to your children are enormous. In fact, it goes beyond creating a close bond with them. Reading to your children is certainly one of the most important activities that can help them in developing understanding and reading skills which they can carry throughout the rest of their lives.


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