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Have you ever experienced playing in a poker tournament? If not, did you ever get the chance to watch a poker tournament? Just like in any other games, poker game has a winner and a loser. But what separates these two is not just luck, but strategy. If we take one step ahead, the methods that you use in a poker tournament can also be used to further succeed in life. Here are the things that you will learn from playing poker.

If you are good at playing poker or maybe you want to be good at playing poker, then it is important that you have to gather information around you and use them on your upcoming moves. After all, poker is considered a game of inadequate information. And it will be up to you to take on any clues you can find in order to make sure that you have more knowledge than your opponents.

It’s up to you to pick up on any clues you can find to ensure you know more than your opponents. Or at the very least, have a better idea of what’s most likely to be true of the situation in which you find yourself. But why should we limit these learnings to poker only? There are some lessons that you can learn from the game, which can be practised and applied at the table, however, it should not stop there. The skills that you have developed while playing poker can serve you well in actual life.

Poker Techniques You Can Use To Succeed In Life

Most often, poker or any type of gambling is viewed as a form of entertainment. However, we can actually apply them to real-life situations. One perfect example is the poker strategies. By learning these strategies, you are indirectly learning some important skills which can be used in different aspects of life.

Obviously, it would be impossible for you to understand immediately how these strategies relate to life. However, you will be able to experience the benefits over time.

Put On Your Poker Face

Obviously, you don’t want other people to know what you have been thinking. It is just like when you are playing a poker game, the expressions that you show on your face will reveal your thoughts. In reality, if you feel desperate, then most likely there is a lesser chance that you will succeed. On the contrary, if you feel confident, then there are great chances that you will succeed.

Observe Any Tell Signs

Sometimes people are not aware that they do some things which give away what they are thinking. Even if you don’t want other people to know what you are thinking, you still want to study your opponents. In this way, you will be able to determine what they are thinking. If you do this, then you will understand better how you are going to respond to their actions so that it can be beneficial for you.

Place Smart Bets

When you are playing poker and you have a shitty hand then the best thing you can is to fold. In case, you obtain a royal flush then it is recommended that you should go all in. This is much similar in life since if the cards you are dealt suck then what you will probably do is quit.

Use Your Head

Perhaps you might be having difficulty in counting cards, however, it is not difficult to learn from your mistakes. Always remember the mistakes that you did in the past so you will avoid committing them again.

A Poker Mindset

Have you ever experienced negotiating your pay with your boss and suddenly you just froze. Well, when this happens you probably need to play more poker. However, not at work while you are doing your report. But playing the game after your work can definitely help you obtain a poker mindset to situations which can benefit you.

You have probably experienced being in a situation wherein you have the nuts and you are attempting to figure out how large a river value bet your competitor will decide to pay off. Perhaps you could try negotiating with them to get more sense on where their head is. This will help you determine how much extra they are willing to part with.

In order to get the most out of your poker skills, you could use them when making some negotiations. There is no reason why you can’t use the same poker skill-set during negotiation to assure you that you can earn some extra money every month. At the same time, you can also make your boss feel as if they are having a pretty sweet deal out of it.

According to Maria Konnikova, during her talk at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, there is another way that poker can be valuable during these negotiations. The philosophy of position at the poker table can be applied to provide yourself with the last-mover advantage.

Konnikova says, aside from poker, you have to think who are those who have a positional influence on you, these are the ones who will be making their choice second. In any kind of negotiations, there will always be a second-mover advantage.

For instance, if somebody asks you, how much would you like to receive, then it would be silly if you would reveal what your salary expectations are. Rather the best thing to do is you should attempt to divert it. Let them be the first one to give you the number since you wouldn’t want to drop them too low.  This is the big advantage to be gained by position.

Look Back To Look Ahead

It is important that you have to teach yourself how to think logically after having a bad beat. You should realise that there is nothing you can do to turn back the time. You also need to recognise that going on tilt will likely affect your chances in the long run.

Konnikova gives significance to the idea of knowing oneself. This is proven to be advantageous in poker. For instance, you can look back on your hand histories and admit the mistakes that you have done, instead of looking for easy excuses.

You can use your poker brain in other areas of your life. By doing this, you might be able to prevent yourself from doing something that can only make the situation worse. Along the line, you will be thanking your poker brain straightening your past self.

Recognising Risk

Konnikova also mentioned that trust seems to be a natural thing. In fact, it is considered as our default state, while distrust is something that needs to be learned. If we apply this in a poker context, then we can refer to how creating a big fold is the indication of an excellent poker player. Maybe more than a big call. This is because of the thought process which helps us figure out when our opponents are being truthful with us.

Poker can definitely help us in recognizing risk. If we apply this in our real world right now, then we can take chances of trusting the people around us since this can be very advantageous. However, this is something that we need to verify based on the information that we have right now.

When it comes to poker thinking, the best way that we can apply this in real life is by making use of the speed when we are making mental calculations. For instance, we can use this in situations wherein we tend to believe that there is someone out there who is exploiting us.

Hence, poker thinking can help us in quickly determining when the salesperson is not telling the truth and when they are being honest with us.

Konnikova further suggests that people who are having higher levels of generalised trust are the ones who excel academically. They tend to be healthier, happier, and smarter. Most likely they are the ones who take more risks and start more businesses. Most often, these risks can be calculated with the use of the available information.

Acquiring Discipline

Poker players know better than just to play hands out of boredom. And they understand when their stack size can be sub-optimal when it comes to raising specific cards from specific positions. By teaching yourself the art of focus and discipline, you will be able to prevent these long-term losing plays, your outcome for a long period of time sill begin to display some improvements.

At the same time, in your everyday life, you will be viewing your macros and eating properly in order to achieve an end goal, whether it is muscle gain, weight loss, or simply general fitness. Sometimes it can be very tempting to eat the foods that you shouldn’t eat. But keep in mind that any short-term positive results may not be comparable to the benefits that you will enjoy once you have targeted your goal by having weeks of discipline.

It’s best to teach your brain some patience and concentration, in this way you won’t feel uncomfortable while forfeiting that short-term hit and making sure that you have what you need in the long run.

Understanding Which Arguments You Can Afford To Lose

In any type of relationships, whether its platonic, romantic or between a boss and a worker, you can’t escape from temptations occurring on top of each argument. Sometimes the simplest thing to do is not to give up on any ground as long as you know that you are right. But with poker, you can really appreciate that there’s more than that.

You can always ensure that you are getting your money, however, you have to make a choice against it because of ICM considerations. Or perhaps deny the 55-45 spot that you have seen against a weak opponent since you are confident that you can find a better spot down the line.

This is the same as realising that there is a time that you have to provide some people with small wins just make sure that this won’t be too much of a disadvantage to you. This is a good way of giving yourself some freedom most especially when you really need it.

Konnikova mentions the suggestion of the late poker player, Amarillo Slim, that you can shear a sheep several times, however, you can only skin it once. Whether in life or in poker, there are some big decisions that will come your way. Hence, it is important that you have to determine the situations where you have to be right as well as those where the best method is to make small sacrifices so you can keep your ultimate goal alive.

Critical Thinking Skills

Most people think that poker is just a game, however, it is more than that. In fact, it can give you the chance to practice critical thinking which you can apply in other matters.

After all, when playing poker you are required to solve some problems. There are instances that you might meet an opponent who keeps on re-raising you again and again. When this occurs you will be forced to think of ways on how to avoid getting run over by them.

Critical thinking skills are significant in other disciplines. For instance, when you are reviewing your finances in order to figure out if you can afford another car payment.

Move Up The Ladder

Most poker players are dreaming of moving their way up the stakes in order to make a good living from playing the game.

Obviously, most of the players will not get past the low stakes. However, there are some who are able to rise to mid or even high limits. When it comes to any type of profession, it also requires a similar mindset for anyone to climb up the ladder. For those who can manage to keep on improving their performance at work or their education will ultimately soar to higher-paying jobs.


Even though these tips that we have mentioned here can help you succeed in life, it would be nice if you have firsthand experience.


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