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Van Leasing Explained

Before leasing a van, you need to know that you have a lot of options in prices and terms. Van leasing is a rental agreement between the customer and the finance provider. The customer will pay a certain amount as an initial payment, then it will be followed by monthly payments. The term of the contract will vary, some can last up to two, three, or four years. Once the contract has ended, the customer should return the van to the finance provider.

Recently, van leasing is becoming popular for sole traders, partnerships, and small companies since it is much cheaper compared to buying a new one. If you buy a new van, then you have to go through a bank loan or dealer finance. With van leasing, you won’t have to worry about any depreciation.

What are the benefits of van leasing?

Van leasing can provide you with a lot of benefits, regardless of what industry you are in. Those who have new businesses or have existing businesses can take advantage of this quick and easy process.

With van leasing, you will be able to retain your capital since you don’t have to spend a lot of money on buying a new one. You can spend your capital on any other important things that may arise each day.

Leasing a van is a tax advantage transaction since they are considered as tax-deductible expenses. This means that it will be deducted from your overall income.

Rather than purchasing a new one, van leasing permits you to keep your credit line open. This is ideal especially if there are unexpected expenses that need to be paid.

Whether you have a small business or a large one, having a high-quality van can truly make a difference. Leasing gives you the chance to choose a quality van that works best for your business.

Van leasing is flexible. In fact, you are permitted to upgrade your van whenever you want to. If your company has grown rapidly, then you can always choose a larger one.

When dealing with your customer, it is very important that they are truly satisfied. Leasing a quality van can increase the company’s efficiency as a company, which also increases customer satisfaction.

The monthly rentals are fixed for the entire term of the lease, making it easier for you to plan your budget. Sometimes they include the maintenance of the vehicle on the monthly fees.

Finding the Best Van Leasing Deals

When it comes to van leasing, you will have a lot of options on the prices as well as on the terms. This can be very confusing most especially if you have not leased any vehicle before.

What type of van would you choose?

If you already know what type of van you want to lease, then you must choose it. Most likely, you will be given the option to choose between a newer model and a few years older model. If you are having doubts on what to choose, then you can pick a newer model. No need to worry, since you can always change your decision if you have not signed the agreement yet.

How much does it cost?

There are a lot of factors that can affect lease prices and one of them is the make and model of the van. Another factor would be your credit score as well as your financial standing. Some finance providers may require you to have a certain type of insurance and a co-signer. Most likely, you will be required to pay a down payment after signing the lease contract.

What are the lease terms?

Typically, lease terms will vary from 6 months to more than a year. Sometimes the lease terms will also depend on the dealership. If you want to save some money, then you can inquire if they offer discounts to older vans or slightly damaged vans. There’s a greater chance that you can find a better deal if you choose a less appealing van.

Before signing the contract, you must read it thoroughly. Ask questions, if there are some things that you want to clarify. Be sure that you know your rights as a customer. Don’t forget to ask for your own copy. This is very handy most especially if there is something that you want to check at a later time. When the term has ended, be sure to return the van on time and it must be in good condition to avoid paying charges for any damage.

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