14 Great Stats for Convincing SMBs to Invest in Local Search

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If you are working in local SEO, then you are probably aware of the great benefits of local search. A lot of local consumers are using their devices in searching for local businesses. Now is the best time that SMBs like you should capitalize on this by getting yourself a professional website, observing your online status, or getting in touch with your customers through online communication.

However, convincing these SMBs about the benefits of local search is not going to be easy. The good thing is, there are a lot of supporting data that you can present in order to convince these SMBs that investing in online is an excellent decision. In fact, when these business owners will know about the great stats of investing in local search, they will surely get convinced.

14 Amazing Local SEO Stats For Convincing SMBs

These local SEO stats will surely prove that investing in online is the best decision that local businesses will ever make. These stats are carefully chosen by us and we only include the ones which we believe are more compelling. We hope that you find these stats very useful.

Local Consumers Constantly Use The Internet

1. 97% of consumers depend on the internet, according to BIA/Kelsey.

It is a fact that most consumers rely mostly on the internet, particularly when they are searching for local products and services.

2. comScore says that 54% of Americans prefer to use the internet and local search.

Rather than using phone books,  a few Americans decide to use the internet and local search.

More Searches Equates To More Potential Customers

3. In 2014, it was anticipated that the number of local searches will rise to 140 billion, both for mobile and desktop users, according to BIA/Kelsey.

4. At least 95% of smartphone users are making local searches when looking for essential information and local businesses, based on The Mobile Movement Study.

Building A Website Is Important, But This Is Just The Start

5. Based on a survey, 36% of users believe that having a clever and precise website can make a local business look more credible, according to BrightLocal Local business websites survey done in January 2014.

6. According to the same survey, 32% of consumers prefer to reach out to a local business that has a website. (BrightLocal)

Being Visible On The Internet Is Essential

7. When doing searches, at least 98% of users would prefer to choose a business that appears on the first page of the results.

Reputation Does Matter

8. Around 93% of consumers want to be accurate in their decisions, that is why they would always consult the local reviews, according to the BrightLocal.

Consumers Usually Believe What They Read On The Web

9. Based on the BrightLocal Local Consumer Review Survey, more or less 85% of consumers read online reviews and believe in them. They also prefer personal recommendations when choosing products and services online. Mostly, these suggestions will come from their friends, relatives, and colleagues.

Consumers Can Quickly Make Decisions

10. Approximately 77% of mobile users will immediately communicate with a business after finding their local information, based on The Mobile Movement Study.

11. Additionally, 59% of these smartphone users will immediately visit the business on the same day that they have found their local information online, according to The Mobile Movement Study.

Your Existing Clients Will Still Look For Your Business Online

12. The major reason why most consumers do an online search is to look for the location of a recognized business, based on the Local Search Study 2014 of comScore.

Your Customers, As Well As Your Competitors, Are Using The Social Media

13. Social media can help you in promoting your business, that is why 72% of SMBs are using them based on the BIA/Kelsey Local Commerce Monitor (LCM) Survey.

14. 7 out of 10 consumers will likely choose the local business that they found on social media sites. Hence, if you promote your business on social media sites, then most likely you can gain more potential customers, according to comScore Networks.

Why Local SEO Is The Best Investment For Your Business

The foundation of creating a reliable local online presence is engaging your business in local SEO. Based on some surveys, 75% of local searches will ultimately result in in-store visits. This statistic alone can already entice a business owner to engage in local search optimization.

It seems that in this digital age, we have seen enormous changes in the whole consumer industry. More people are doing online research and fewer people are doing in-store visits. Most consumers will use their smartphones when shopping.

Sometimes when you are on the move, it is more convenient to use your phone in searching for information. For instance, you want to know where is the nearest coffee shop? If your business can be seen on local search, particularly on mobile, then there is a greater chance that they will visit your store or ask about the products and services that you offer. People who are always on the move require specific information and they require it right away! Having your business in the top results for your local keywords can help in attracting more customers.

The Significance of Mobile Devices

When people are trying to search for something, either they want to buy a product or they want to visit a certain place, they always turn to their mobile devices. It is a fact, that most people would use their smartphones in looking for different restaurants, shops, department stores, or products while they are on the go. This is contrary to the older days when we have to look for the location of a certain business before leaving the house.

Today, our mobile devices can provide us any information that we want and give us the location of the place where we want to go. Accessing this information is much easier and eventually, these search practices will remain and even get more advanced in the future. Voice-related searches have also emerged making it easier for us to conduct our searches. The latest trend nowadays is personal assistant devices.

Consumers will likely search for specific businesses in particular places. The results that will appear will depend on the words or phrases that were entered in the search engines. If your business is optimized for local SEO then it will appear on the results.

Customers Will Do Some Research Before They Buy

Most people will do Google searches on their mobile devices. The Search Engine Land conducted research on this and found out that 78% of these mobile local searches ended up in offline purchases. Also, based on the study conducted by Think with Google, 30% of these mobile searches pertain to location. Consequently, 76% of these consumers, who do local searches on their mobile devices, will decide to visit the business on the same day. Likewise, they found out that 28% of these searches will likely end up in purchases.

These stats only prove that the main objective of your business should be to have a high ranking in local searches.

Google Continues To Improve

Keep in mind that Google is constantly updating their ranking algorithm so they can provide better opportunities for local businesses and at the same time, consumers won’t be having a hard time using the application.

Some examples of algorithm updates that have great implications on local searches are Google Snack Pack and Google Possum. The keywords that are entered in the search bar can link to your business if you are using local SEO.

Google wants to make sure that they are giving the best experience to users who are searching online. The reason why Google keeps on changing its algorithms is that they only want the most appropriate sites to be displayed on the search results based on the keyword phrase.

Hence, it is important that you have to constantly update yourself with the latest trends and knows how to put your business in the top position of Google search.

How To Get It Right

In this digital world, there are several factors that can influence the success of your business. In largely populated cities, local SEO plays an important role in many businesses. Since their stores can be found constantly on mobile search, then they can generate walk-in customers each day.

Local SEO can also help in building your brand. After building trust with your loyal customers, you could ask them for some reviews. Always remember that positive reviews can be beneficial to your business. One of the greatest contributing factors for the success of most local businesses is the word of mouth. Aside from local search, having several positive reviews can also entice consumers to visit your business. Also, reviews coming from your loyal customers can greatly help in convincing your potential customers to buy your products and services.

It is crucial that you have to get things right. Be sure that you know what you are doing. Or else you will just be wasting your time updating your website only to know that you have not improved your traffic.

What Is The Best Marketing Strategy To Invest In?

Local businesses are now having a hard time deciding which marketing or advertising strategy to use. The drop in local publishing has greatly affected the local audiences. This only proves that traditional methods are not so effective anymore.

Consequently, most people are now using search engines in searching for local businesses. Google and other search engines have actually created great improvements. For instance, in incorporating maps with directions, combining local listings with customer recommendations, providing contact information, and many more. Search engines are the best resource when looking for local businesses.

An active SEO strategy is the best marketing strategy for any business. Today, the most powerful channel for marketing your local business is search engines. In fact, according to BrightLocal, 86% of consumers greatly depend on the internet when searching for local businesses. Also, 29% of these consumers will look for local businesses at least once a week. 72% of these consumers reveal that search engines are their best option when looking for information about local businesses.

These stats only prove that search engines are actually the primary source when it comes to searching for local business information. That is why, for local businesses, SEO strategy is not considered as a luxury anymore but rather a necessity.

Why First Page Google Rankings Are Important?

Keep in mind that 85.8% of market share on searches belongs to Google, while for mobile searches it’s 94.5%. 75% of these users will not go beyond the first page of search results. That is why it is important that your business should appear on the first page. Of all Google searches 46% of them are local. This is based on the data of Hubspot (Search Engine Journal, Net Market Share).

Due to SEO strategy, local businesses are getting more and more competitive. Particularly, since 75% of these users have no intention of browsing beyond the first page of search results. If you have a local business, then the key to your success is definitely strong rankings. The digital world keeps on improving and SEO is getting to be more competitive in all types and sizes of businesses.

Local Search Can Drive More Sales

Most of the information that users look for in local searches is business locations. 50% of mobile users who are using local searches will likely visit a business on the same day. Consequently, 18% of these local mobile searches will mostly result in a purchase on the same day. One out of three of these mobile users will make their decisions before a visit. The source of this information is the Bright Local & Search Engine Land (Search Engine Journal).

When choosing a marketing strategy, most businesses would prefer actual results and a calculable return on investment. All of these can be accomplished by local SEO. Local searches, visits and sales are actually related to each other. In the days to come, more and more users will be using mobile search and voice search techniques. Most probably this traffic will come from potential customers who are looking for the best in the local area. Ultimately, SEO is capable of dispersing local information that can quickly turn into local sales.


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