10 Bad Habits and The Best Ways to Quit Them

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In order to become productive, you must have lots of energy. However, there are things that can drain you and this includes your bad habits. You might not be aware that these bad habits can greatly affect your life as well as your goals. They put your health at risk, not only mentally but also emotionally, physically, and socially. Most of all, these bad habits are just a waste of time and energy.

So why are you still doing them? And most of all, what can you do about it? Whether you like it or not, these bad habits are not good for you. The fact is there are bad habits which are hard to break. However, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to get rid of them. Bad habits can happen to anyone even how great you are. Some people have enormous bad habits because they don’t know how to break them.

Why do people practice bad habits? Most people just want to be relieved of their boredom or stress. Or perhaps they are just simply lazy. Maybe you are already feeling guilty about doing your bad habits over and over again. But you should not beat yourself up. It’s never too late to break your bad habits. After all, you are not alone and there is still a greater chance that you can have a happier and healthier life. Here are 10 common bad habits and the best ways to quit them.

1.      Overspending

Most often, you tend to buy things which you don’t actually need. Just because you think it’s fancy, you buy them right away. You must learn how to control your spending habits in order to avoid financial difficulties. You’ll be amazed by how much money you could have saved if you can limit your spending.

Generally, you should only spend the amount that you can afford. But sometimes online shopping makes it hard for you to control your budget. Although, it’s fine to go beyond your budget a few times, but you should avoid ending up in debt. Debts can make you feel stressed and tensed all the time. As a result, it can affect your health adversely.

Sometimes regaining the money that you’ve lost may take time. You need to be always cautious since it will be very easy for you to go back to your old bad habits again. If you will succeed, then you will be amazed by the results. You will feel less stress and you will gain more control over your life.

How to quit this bad habit?

  • Research and learn more about personal finances including budgeting, investing, credit cards, and others.
  • Make your own budget and as much as possible stick to it. Although, you can make it flexible, so you still have some money for emergency cases.
  • In order to effectively manage your money, list all the necessary things that you need as well as the things that you can do without.
  • Keep track of your earnings as well as your finances.
  • Reduce your credit cards to a minimum of one or two.

2.      Overeating

Some people keep on eating while watching television or reading a book. Most of us keep on eating even if we are not hungry. Although your body needs food in order for it to function properly, however, we must not overdo it. If you can’t control this bad habit, then you will become obese and may suffer from serious illnesses such as diabetes, heart-diseases, and other serious health conditions.

How to quit this bad habit?

  • You should only eat when you are hungry.
  • Stop eating when you feel you are already a bit full.
  • Don’t eat just because you are bored, angry, stressed or depressed.
  • If you still can’t control your overeating, then try to eat healthy foods rather than fatty foods.

3.      Watching Too Much TV

Watching too much TV is not good for your body since it can make you inactive.  Most likely, you will be leading a sedentary life which can increase the odds of becoming overweight. Since you will have less physical activity, then there is a tendency that your calories will increase. Rather than sitting on your couch all day watching TV, why not spend your time visiting your friends or doing your favorite hobby. You must learn how to balance your activity so you can become physically fit and reduce the risk of developing serious health problems such as type 2 diabetes.

How to quit this bad habit?

  • Try to limit your time in watching television to at least two hours a day.
  • Exercise at least 30 minutes a day.
  • You can enjoy both worlds by exercising while watching television. Try doing light exercises like sit-ups, walking in your living room or walking on a treadmill. You could even do some household chores like washing or cleaning during commercial breaks.
  • Avoid eating snacks while you are watching television. This can add up to your calories, making it unhealthy for you.

4.      Eating Too Much Fast Food

Eating too much fast food is not good for the body since it can result in weight gain. At the same time, you will have a higher risk of developing heart problems, diabetes, and high cholesterol levels as well as breathing difficulties. As much as possible, you must avoid eating too much fast food. At first, you might find this difficult, however, you must try harder. Fast food often includes trans fat which can increase triglycerides and LDL cholesterol. There are a lot of alternatives to fast food which are often healthy and nutritious too!

How to quit this bad habit?

  • It is undeniably hard to switch your lifestyle since fast food is very convenient and tasty too! You can do it gradually by reducing a little bit each week.
  • Spend less each time you order.
  • Choose healthier alternatives. For instance, drink water instead of soda. Order a garden salad instead of fries.
  • Avoid going to the fast food if you are not really hungry. However, if you really feel like eating out, then you can go to your local sandwich parlor.
  • Eat more home cooked meals. By cooking your own meal, you can even save more money. You can use local or fresh products.
  • If convenience is an issue, then you can look for healthier prepared meals sold in your local grocery stores.
  • Choose grilled foods, they are tastier and healthier as well.

5.      Avoid Eating Breakfast When You’re Not Hungry

You might have heard the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Hence, you should not skip it. Unfortunately, this rule is only based on misconstrued research and prejudiced studies. This habit does not only apply to breakfast but also in any other meal. However, based on a 2013 study, men who skipped breakfast have a higher risk of developing coronary heart disease than those who eat their breakfast. Nevertheless, this is simply a suggestion, not an interconnection.

How to quit this bad habit?

  • You must only eat when you are hungry. Most people are now practicing recurrent fasting. They refrain from eating or drinking for a certain amount of time each day.
  • Try fasting. According to research, fasting for a certain period of time can help in making your blood sugar level even. At the same time, it can lessen your weight and increase your metabolism. It can help you sleep better and prevent diabetes.

6.      Smoking Cigarettes

Everybody knows that smoking is very harmful to our bodies. In fact, it is the main cause of heart diseases, lung cancer, and other serious illnesses. This can increase the risk of developing strokes, heart attacks, and high blood pressure. Most likely, it can also trigger breathing difficulties. Smoking is one of the major causes of preventable death all over the world. People who smoke should think seriously about quitting smoking. After you quit, you can enjoy a lot of benefits. Your energy, strength, and endurance will quickly improve.

How to quit this bad habit?

  • Think of it as an addiction, rather than a habit.
  • You will be facing a tough road ahead, so be prepared for it.
  • Plan when to quit, make sure that it is not during the holidays or when you are too stressed out.
  • Ask support from your friends, family, counselors, or support groups.
  • Don’t be easily discouraged by your mistakes. Instead, try to learn how to deal with it.

7.      Drinking Too Much Alcohol

Drinking alcohol can be addictive and harmful. Drinking too much alcohol can increase the risk of high blood pressure, depression, liver cancer, mouth cancer, and other kinds of serious diseases. Women should not consume two or more drinks a day. While men should only have less than three drinks daily. Women are more sensitive to alcohol compared to men. That is why, they are more likely to develop heart disease, fragile bones, and memory loss.

Reducing your alcohol intake can ultimately enhance your heart health and digestion. You can sleep soundly. You will have a normal blood sugar level and blood pressure. Your liver and cardiovascular system will become healthier.

How to quit this bad habit?

  • The good news is you don’t have to quit. You only need to control your drinks daily. Women should only be limited to one drink while men should only have two or fewer drinks.
  • Sip your drink gradually and reserve some for your meals.
  • Don’t get drunk, instead, try to enjoy its flavor.
  • If you have done everything and you still can’t stop drinking, then you should seek help. You can talk to your doctor or participate in support groups.

8.      Overusing of Painkillers and Sedatives

Our body has its own way of recuperating from health issues. Isn’t it unbelievable? Although antibiotics including aspirin, ibuprofen, or paracetamol can provide some relief, however, overusing them can be harmful. Painkillers and sedatives can increase the risk of developing heart attacks, high blood pressures, and ulcers. Uncontrolled use of tranquilizers can also cause paranoia and becoming hesitant. Likewise, taking these painkillers and sedatives can be very addictive since they can make you feel good. Once you get addicted, you can likely experience memory loss, extreme sleepiness, or feel confused. With total commitment and support, you can get rid of this addiction and your body can recover from their effects.

How to quit this bad habit?

  • Now, there are new methods that can help you in relieving muscle pains and headaches. For chronic pain, you can use acetaminophen. It won’t irritate your stomach or increase your blood pressure.
  • If you are suffering from frequent headaches, then you can use the right medication for migraines. Ask your doctor about this.
  • If you can’t stop taking these pills, then seek help from your friends, family or your doctor.

9.      Feeling Angry, Worried, or Stressed Always

If you are always feeling unhappy, then you will release a lot of hormones. As a result, your blood pressure and blood sugar will increase. Aside from feeling depressed and absolutely unkind, it can also slow down your digestion and decrease your immunity.

Stress should not be prolonged since it can have negative effects on your health. Stress can cause us to eat more fatty and sugary foods which can result in obesity. Most likely, it can also increase the risk of developing heart disease and diabetes.

How to quit this bad habit?

  • When you are feeling stressed out, try to keep your cool and work hard in dealing with it.
  • Doing meditation, yoga, and deep breathing can help in relieving your stress.
  • Choose a relaxing hobby and fully concentrate on it.
  • Embrace the cheerfulness and childishness in you.
  • Live a healthy lifestyle.

10. Nail Biting

Nail biting is not actually a dangerous habit however, it is pretty gross. Aside from being unsanitary, nail biting is also socially deterring. It can also cause dental problems as well as stomach problems. If you can’t control it, then it can result in sternly deformed fingernails which is quite unattractive. People who have the habit of biting their nails are more likely to have shorter nails. Their nail plates can get damaged from constant biting. Most people tend to bite their nails when they feel stressed or nervous.

How to quit this bad habit?

  • In order to help you stop biting your nails, you must find out what can trigger this bad habit and try replacing it with a positive one. For instance, if you develop the habit of biting your nails every time you are stressed, you can listen to music or go for a walk.
  • Most people are having a hard time managing this habit. But it can be possible. One of the best solutions is to wear hand gloves or place band-aids on your fingernails.
  • Use the bitter-tasting nail polish on your fingernails. This is specially created for those who want to stop biting their nails.

Bad habits are hard to break. Do you believe in this old saying? Although it is true, it does not mean that it can’t be possible. All you need to do is work hard in breaking this bad habit. Once you have succeeded in freeing yourself from this bad habit, then you can live a better life.

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